Apr 232012

Highlighted Guild

  • Serenity – Galactic Republic

Meanings of words can be found in dictionaries, manuals or similar sources, but they can also be derived from association to a given feeling, memory or other personal experiences. Take for instance the name of this week’s guild, Serenity, it probably already has given you several different thoughts on the word. For me it happens to be a peaceful feeling and a particular starship. We will look at how the guild Serenity got its name, but more importantly how it allows them to keep a “peaceful” feeling in the guild while being highly competitive.

More on Serenity’s strong drive in Progression & ganking Imps after the Jump…

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Jan 162012

Highlighted Guild

  • Nightmare Asylum – Sith Empire

Time for another Guild Checkpoint, this week we look in on a guild that is all about hardcore raiding. Whether you consider hardcore raiding by working for the top gear or being server/world first at bosses or entire Operations, or raiding almost every day of the week…Nightmare Asylum prides itself in doing them all.

Have you wanted to be a part of a top-tier raiding guild or want to know what it takes to get to that level? Well sit back and get ready for the Jump, as we get to know this week’s guild and how to they got to become hardcore raiders.

More about hardcore raiding from Nightmare Asylum after the Jump…

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