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Jan 262012

HoloNet Links #30

This week’s HoloNet Links starts off with a server event from “The Shadowlands” server. The Old Timers Guild has started its own “Clone Army.” The event was all thanks to lots of hard work by Cynn, a guildmate of mine. She got us all together and gave us each a name based on a modified Roman numeral numbering system. Cynn came up with character creation setups for all of us to use, to fully give us that “clone” look. The real fun was the event itself. The plan was not to do missions, but for us “clones” to march to Fort Garnik for a group photo. That was just the beginning! Can level 2s or 3s take down elite mobs or a level 8 champions?

More “Clones”, fan fiction from Dimbo & the best Star Wars remake?? after the Jump… Continue reading »

Oct 292011

IGN has updated their beta hub with an article on Dark/Light side choices and how it impacts gear. Nick Kolan discusses how gear can be obtained based on your morality score. Kolan writes:

I noticed that for every Dark side piece in the Commendations store there was a light side piece with equivalent stats. Rather than risk making one side more or less appealing for the hardcore gamer because of a stat imbalance, the difference will be in the way it looks. Republic-side Jedi who follow the dark path will, for instance, be able to obtain Luke Skywalker’s uniform from Return of the Jedi.

More Morality, the Gear, the Grind and Comments after the jump. Continue reading »

Oct 282011

IGN filled in the Worlds tab on their SWTOR Beta Info Hub with “Setting a Scene: Finding Depth in the Star Wars Universe,” written by Nick Kolan and Charles Onyett. Kolan writes:

Making a varied and interesting environment without straying from what is so quintessentially Star Wars is no simple task. It’s what BioWare is attempting with Star Wars: The Old Republic, though. From what I’ve seen so far, they’re on the right track.

Both Kolan and Onyett give BioWare credit for creating a vast — perhaps too vast? Onyett finds travel a little tiresome — and layered environment in which there is plenty to do. Read the full article here.

Oct 272011

IGN has updated their Beta Info Hub to include a new section on Flashpoints. In their preview they discuss two dungeons, The Esseles and The Hammer. We were especially interested to hear that crew skills play a role in The Hammer:

The Hammer introduces the idea of using player’s crafting abilities to create quicker, less dangerous paths through the Flashpoint. Towards the start of the instance, we came across a drill pointed at a wall and a control panel that could only be operated by someone with a certain level of salvaging ability.

The preview discusses boss fight mechanics, so read the full article only if you do not mind knowing those kind of details ahead of time.

Comments after the jump. Continue reading »

Oct 202011

The embargo has officially been lifted! For some time now, various representatives of the gaming press have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Today they are allowed to give their general impressions of early-level gameplay. Keep an eye on this space to see the whos, the whats, and the wheres.

Sites to check:

1up: “SWTOR is WoW with Lightsabers and It’s Amazing”

ars technica: General overview of Jedi Knight

More Press Hands-On and Comments after the jump… Continue reading »

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