Feb 282013


HoloNet Links #86

joveth gonzalezEarlier this week, it was made known that Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez has moved on from his position at BioWare Austin. He posted in the forums his thanks to the community and best wishes to us all.

“Thanks guys. I appreciate all of your kind words. 🙂 You’re in good hands with the rest of the community team. Good luck on all of your future SWTOR adventures!”

We at Corellian Run Radio send our best wishes to Joveth on his future endeavors…May the Force be with you, sir!

New Community Mgr, Repair costs fixed, & more after the Jump…

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Sep 132012

HoloNet Links #63

This has been a week of emotions for me personally. I celebrated a birthday…let’s say it wasn’t my 21st lol, getting ready for another season coaching our wheelchair rugby team, finally getting to level 50 with my character (the first time an MMO kept my attention to reach level cap) and of course all the emotions/memories of 9/11. This is not about politics at all…my heart just aches for all those that lost loved ones that day.

On a much lighthearted note, we FINALLY got some more details about Patch 1.4 and the Public Test Server is back up! I know it is not a huge chunk of live content, but being able to login on the PTS and get to check out the new changes is a positive in my book. Now let’s get the testing going and get it ready to launch!

More new testing starts today & BioWare talks new content after the Jump…

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May 242012

HoloNet Links #47

artwork by Joe Hogan

Last week I was researching and came across a Star Wars podcast known as the Wampa Lair. Their guest was Chris “Hothiceplanet.” Chris works on his own Star Wars podcast known as The Sarlacc Pit. He was on their podcast to discuss their favorite Star Wars film and to rank them. On top of this, Chris was there to talk about his Star Wars Trivia book project. He has a real passion to help the newer generations of Star Wars fans learn some of the facts, that some of us may take for granted as knowing.


More about Chris’ book project & plenty SWTOR tid bits after the Jump…

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Mar 012012

HoloNet Links #35

SWTOR testing anyone?

Bioware makes a couple of announcements about needing experienced players and guilds for testing of new 1.2 patch content. First we have the post by Joveth Gonzalez asking for experienced guilds to help with the testing. This is a huge announcement which in my opinion demonstrates Bioware is listening to the community and hearing guilds that want to be a part of testing the higher level content before it goes live.

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Feb 232012

HoloNet Links #34

Last week in the video section we were introduced to the lyrical style of Richie Branson with the music video featuring his song, The Cold Republic. Having looked at many player generated videos featuring or highlighting SWTOR, Richie and the guys helping him produce the videos have created some very creatively unique music videos. This past week I got in touch with Richie and setup an informal Q&A.

More about Richie Branson & plenty SWTOR tid bits after the Jump…

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