Apr 122012

HoloNet Links #41

Patch 1.2 is live today!

You probably knew this unless you have been living under a rock. That means I can finally adjust my UI the way I want to have it and easily transfer it to my other characters! Legacy System is now live. So, that bar along the bottom does really mean something now…from unlocking species to buffs to arranging your own tree and much more! Guild Banks are also in now, thank goodness Bioware didn’t forget that or Carla might have made a trip to Austin.

More on Patch 1.2, lack of Ranked Warzones & a Jung Ma server Event after the Jump…

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Feb 062012

Highlighted Guild

  • Keyboard Heroes – Sith Empire Guild

Last night we celebrated the heroes of the National Football League during the Superbowl. On this week’s Guild Checkpoint, we have another group of “heroes,” the guild Keyboard Heroes. Although having some Canadian ties, perhaps I should have used a Stanley Cup Finals analogy, but I digress. This guild has a couple great guys, Kalan and Sydor, leading the way in-game and also being a well known part of the SWTOR community with their podcast. KBH was featured on an earlier article, and now we find out how the guild is doing and how they are making their way in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Universe.

More about Keyboard Heroes from their leaders, Kalan & Sydor after the Jump… Continue reading »

Oct 182011

Roxy is excited for PvP even if Kathy is not

After the two major panels on Friday, we thought the rest of the weekend might be a bit of a let-down. Then we remembered the Fansite Face-Off.

Three days earlier, BioWare Official Meet and Greet: a perfectly innocent-looking fellow introduces himself as Damien, or virtek from the CRR forums. He is very nice and friendly and we chat about the game and general community stuff and something about getting the fansites together.

More Fansite Face-Off, link to video, and Comments after the jump. Continue reading »

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