Nov 292012

HoloNet Links #74

Despite there being time off for Thanksgiving, this current week has been packed with news. From Patch 1.6 content, like new Heroic Space Missions and the new Warzone – Ancient Hypergates all being added to the PTS. Today, 11/29/2012, is BioWare’s LiveStream Event #2 at 3:00-3:30pm CST. The LiveStream Event will be all about Patch 1.6 content and also newly released Free-to-Play option in SWTOR. Be sure to check it out and also ask questions through Twitter (#SWTOR), or SWTOR’s Facebook, or through the LiveStream chat channel.

Update on New Space Missions, SWTOR Community project & more after the Jump…

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Sep 202012

HoloNet Links #64

Server consolidations happened this week. So, if you haven’t logged on since Tuesday, you might just find yourself on a new server or have some of your “forgotten” characters on other servers added to your character select screen. Okay, the good news, there are more people on each of the new “mega” servers and that is great for grouping and having Warzones pop faster. We also got a free chance to change our Legacy name. This is because Legacy names are no longer unique to just one player per server. Now along the lines of naming, there was some bad news. Some of us had to make name changes to existing characters. Oh, there was one other issue, UIs were reset. Why? Thank goodness I saved my UI settings. All and all, despite name changes and UI reset, the server consolidations seemed to go fairly smooth.

LiveStream Event 9/21/12, SWTOR 101 series & more after the Jump…

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