Jul 192017

Jason and Mox were in the studio this past weekend discussing the latest news in SWTOR. The guys were not alone, Sam aka SWTOR Central was their special guest. Along with Sam, the guys were talking all things Update 5.3, from the new Manaan Stronghold, Class changes and the latest Operation boss. They also got to spend some time getting to learn more about SWTOR Central and his content creation for his YouTube channel.

Let’s “dive” right into the episode…

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Aug 292014


HoloNet Links #160

Wishing all of you a Happy Labor Day weekend, at least those of you in the United States…Time to enjoy the last holiday weekend in summer. It is a chance to barbeque, swim, and sit out under the shade tree…oh, of course extra time to play SWTOR! Seriously, it is hard to believe we are talking about the last part of summer. Things are moving fast in SWTOR also. Less than two weeks away Update 2.10 is scheduled to launch September 9th. How many are excited to see part three of the Forged Alliance story arc?

More about Manaan, dev notes, SWTOR video all after the Jump…

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Aug 012014


HoloNet Links #156

As mentioned last week, the new Tactical Flashpoint takes place on the planet of Manaan. Below is a brief video clip of this new planet. The video is from Dulfy. The look of the city takes me back to the Ahto City featured in KOTOR. The look of the city and environment are very clean, from white and grey structures, to the crisp blue skies and water.

Manaan video, 2.9 on PTS, dev notes, & more after the Jump…

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Jul 252014


HoloNet Links #155

Earlier this week a friend was in a traffic accident and lost his life. I struggled whether to mention it or not, but I got to thinking about him and his energy. He was always positive. It brought to mind a quote from Yoda:

Yoda1For my ally is the Force – and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. – Yoda

We are “luminous” beings. I know my friend showed this through his smile and willingness to help anyone. This is not meant to be sad, but remembering a happy soul, a friend.

Update 2.9 coming to the PTS, dev notes, & more after the Jump…

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