Nov 252013

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  • Clan Epsis – Sith Empire

This past week I had the great privilege of getting to meet another guild from the Jung Ma server. This time it was an officer from Clan Epsis that contacted me. A’shrak met me at a local cantina or I should say almost appeared from the shadows. Being a sniper for Clan Epsis, one cannot be too careful. I greeted him in Mando’a “Su cuy’gar.” He laughed a bit, “Yes, I am still alive and hello to you also.” He then offered me a drink. It was a black looking ale, called ne’tra gal in Mando’a. I took a taste of it. “Now, that is how you say hello,” A’shrak said. With that, I proceeded to learn more about the casual RP guild known as Clan Epsis.

We see how the guild got started, their ceremonies & bounty system after the Jump…

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Aug 062010

Narrated by actor Lance Henriksen, this latest release by BioWare delves deeper into the past to show some of the bloodiest battles in Republic history. This story tells of how Revan and Malak led a splinter group to win the war against the Mandalorian by blowing up a planet and everyone on it. It was also interesting how they ended this video by stating that the story of Exar Kun is next.

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