Sep 192013


HoloNet Links #114

bounty contract week captureWell another Bounty Contract week has come and gone. How did this event go for you this time around? I do enjoy this event and tried my best to focus on encasing “contracts” in carbonite this time around. However, with the mechanics of some of the fights, even a couple henchmen, I was so busy trying to interrupt and not die, that most of the targets ended up not making it. I almost wish there was pause in the fighting once they got down to a certain number of hit points left and you get to make the choice to place them in carbonite or finish them off. What are some things you would like to see added or changed about this event?

 Class Changes are coming, New PVP Arena stream today & more after the Jump…

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Sep 012013


In one of SWTOR’s latest new articles, BioWare and have teamed up to demonstrate livestream Warzone Arenas. The livestream events will happen during September and October, on’s Twitch channel. Now, the audition part, there will be a process in which guilds have until September 8th, 2013, to submit a video of their four player Arena team in action on the Public Test Server.

Details on how to qualify for the livestream events after the Jump…

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Apr 062012


Bioware has released the newest trailer for SWTOR. This one focuses on the newest Warzone coming out in Patch 1.2…Novare Coast. The trailer showcases a very expansive and wide open looking Warzone. This should be an awesome map for Imperial Snipers and Republic Gunslingers to showcase their longer range. The minds of PVP players are already planning out tactics.


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Nov 172011

HoloNet Links #20

Another great week to be a fan of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Corellian Run Radio. I’m sure by now most everyone has heard about the “HUGE” Beta test. You can read more details about in Bioware’s Beta announcement. In Dev notes, Stephen Reid confirms the targeted dates for the Beta Testing Weekend and says to check your email for specific details. Thank you Bioware!

Corellian Run Radio has a new staff writer, Maer. She will be writing a weekly column, My Two Credits. Be sure to check it out. The guys from “Sunny’s Diner” stopped by the CRR podcast and brought their “casual” to the show. The ladies made an appearance on the podcast, “Pink Side of the Force”. Lots of great info from Republic Trooper, and much more, so let’s punch the hyperdrive and go.

More links about Beta invites, Facebook image & much more after the Jump…

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Oct 162011

Kathy and Roxanne had the pleasure of guesting on a special New York Comic Con edition of TORWars. Immediately following the Saturday Q&A session by, we followed TORWars‘ Jeff and Deirdre Hollis and Justin of Jen’Jidai and Fragworld into a secret room in the convention hall for a little post-panel discussion. We only had to shoo one person away — sorry whoever you are, we didn’t mean to glare so violently! — and had a great time talking about what we learned that day: dungeon finders, heroic flashpoints, little boys with romance on their minds, and more.

Check out the mini-podcast at TORWars here.

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