Aug 192011

by Mark Pajor (follow @mpajor on Twitter)

Sometimes you grow tired of murdering people for the sake of the Republic or Empire. Sometimes you need a change of pace. Sometimes you want to murder people while playing sports, for fun and games! That’s why we have a new Warzone announced at GamesCom called Huttball, and a new Huttball trailer was just posted by Bioware. If you imagine what it would be like to play (American) Football if it was run my the Hutts, you have a pretty good idea of how it plays: get the ball across your opponents’ line while everyone tries to kill each other.

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Aug 172011

Gamescom 2011 is underway! We got a little pre-show kick-off with the EA Press Conference and a live demo of the first raid, The Eternity Vault. Next up, a longer Eternity Vault demo plus a trailer for the newest warzone, The Pit on Nar Shaddaa.

EA Games Press Conference. Representatives from many different EA titles gave short presentations. Ray Muzyka took the stage and talked about Warhammer Wrath of Heroes, SWTOR, and Mass Effect 3. Continue reading »

Jul 302010

This week’s Friday update announced a new playable moon, Nar Shaddaa, an opulent playground of pleasure and corruption run by the Hutt Cartel.  A short video gives us a look at the colorful nightscapes.  More in-depth history and screen shots available here.

Follow the adventures of Teneb Kel in the latest release of Blood of the Empire.  In the eighth installment, the Sith apprentice learns more about Exal Kressh’s reasons Continue reading »

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