Oct 092015


HoloNet Links #213

As of October 19th, we will have around ten days before Knights of the Fallen Empire hits the live servers in Early Access. Where has the time gone? Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited for the expansion, but all my plans for achievements etc. I have not been able to complete. Okay, enough QQ’ing for me lol. How are you doing with your leveling and getting ready for when the expansion goes live? Let us know how you are spending this last week or so in the comment section.

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Oct 252011

We’ve already talked about New York Comic Con on the TORWars and Mos Eisley Radio podcasts, but we still manage to find a few topics that we didn’t cover. We are joined by Virtek (Damien) from TORSyndicate and Guild Umbra to get his NYCC impressions and later by our very own Jason Taylor to discuss Dark/Light impact on gameplay. We also can’t help talking about the new Kung Fu Panda expac.

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Oct 202011

Roxanne and Kathy were invited to share their New York Comic Con impressions with those affable gentlemen of Mos Eisley Radio. We cover some of the new mini-reveals, find out that Nice Guy Zach sometimes turns into Game Rage Zach, that Kathy doesn’t believe in traffic signals, and more! Check out MER’s latest podcast here.

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Oct 182011

Roxy is excited for PvP even if Kathy is not

After the two major panels on Friday, we thought the rest of the weekend might be a bit of a let-down. Then we remembered the Fansite Face-Off.

Three days earlier, BioWare Official Meet and Greet: a perfectly innocent-looking fellow introduces himself as Damien, or virtek from the CRR forums. He is very nice and friendly and we chat about the game and general community stuff and something about getting the fansites together.

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