Jan 262012

HoloNet Links #30

This week’s HoloNet Links starts off with a server event from “The Shadowlands” server. The Old Timers Guild has started its own “Clone Army.” The event was all thanks to lots of hard work by Cynn, a guildmate of mine. She got us all together and gave us each a name based on a modified Roman numeral numbering system. Cynn came up with character creation setups for all of us to use, to fully give us that “clone” look. The real fun was the event itself. The plan was not to do missions, but for us “clones” to march to Fort Garnik for a group photo. That was just the beginning! Can level 2s or 3s take down elite mobs or a level 8 champions?

More “Clones”, fan fiction from Dimbo & the best Star Wars remake?? after the Jump… Continue reading »

Oct 032011

Highlighted Guild

  • OTG (Old Timers Guild)  – Both factions

This week’s Guild Checkpoint is near to me, because it is my own guild, The Old Timers Guild. This is one of the largest guilds we have had on Guild Checkpoint. That is not bragging, but fact. I have purposely wanted to spotlight the smaller, less know, and community focused guilds in SWTOR. This might appear a huge “steamrolling” guild, but from my experience it has a great community and is more like several smaller guilds all linked together. I know you all don’t want to just listen to me jibber-jabber, so let’s meet Kaeli, the Empire Chapter Officer in the Old Timers Guild. We will get her opinions and thoughts. So let’s set the nav coordinates and get ready for the Jump.


More from OTG after the Jump…

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