Oct 262012

By Ghoztt

The Dread Guard encounter is a very stressful fight for the healers due to the large amount of damage that goes out to the operation. In addition, there is a mechanic in place where healing a tank will end up healing the boss so discipline needs to be exercised knowing when to heal and when not to. That being said, this fight isn’t exactly a walk in the park for the DPS and tanks either.

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Oct 192012

By Ghoztt

Welcome to my first installment of strategy guides for operation bosses in the Terror From Beyond. I opted to start on the hard mode version since more guilds will probably find difficulty with these fights compared to story mode. I will point out the differences between hard and story modes as well as the mechanics that need to be brought to your attention. Continue reading »

Oct 122012

By Ghoztt

Needless to say, there was quite a bit of outrage from the community once BioWare confirmed that Story Mode Explosive Conflict (SM EC) no longer dropped Black Hole commendations. Their reasoning was that they wanted to remove Story Mode from the progression line and keep it, just that, a playable story. As a result, SM EC was nerfed tremendously in order to allow the more casual players to see it. Was this a bad move on BioWare’s part? Let’s talk about this and a few other things I want to get off my chest. Continue reading »

Oct 052012

By Ghoztt

A couple of weeks ago I was able to give a preview of what was to come in the Story Mode version of Terror From Beyond from the PTS. Now that I have had a chance to step into the Hard Mode version, I am pleased to report that yes, it is hard! If you were fully geared and min-maxed from Explosive Conflict, be prepared to be tested. This operation requires coordination, a good understanding of mechanics and communication to successfully make it through alive… if you dare! Continue reading »

Sep 282012

By Ghoztt

With the release of the new operation comes new gear upgrades! This tier is designated the Dread Guard set and shares the same skin as the Black Hole and Campaign sets. Don’t worry, though, they are a different color so you can tell them apart! Sarcasm aside, an upgrade is an upgrade, no matter how small. For you min-maxers out there, you have all new armoring, mods and enhancements to sort through to optimize your gear providing hours of fun looking at spreadsheets. And no, that statement wasn’t sarcasm. 🙂 Continue reading »

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