Mar 252012

By Ghoztt

Greetings and welcome to the newest weekly column concerning what else by the title? Operations! In this column I will be discussing all aspects surrounding the operations in SW:TOR. This will include things such as how best to gear up, ways to play more efficiently, rants and raves regarding boss mechanics, tips, tricks and pretty much anything that has to do with these ops. I plan to cover content from the upcoming story mode all the way to nightmare in both 8 and 16 man versions so hopefully there will be something for everyone.

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Mar 122012

Highlighted Guild

  • The Imperial Guard – Sith Empire guild

This week we take a look at a guild that got their roots from another Star Wars MMO, Star Wars Galaxies. We find out how they were able to create the guild and follow through on their vision from pre-launch, to launch and are truly thriving to this day in Star Wars: The Old Republic. They have maintained this vision through a few key elements, recruit the person not the class/role, scheduled events – some with a “dash” of role-play for flavor, but as we will find out it really boils down to respect. Respect for guildmates, other players and game developers. That is only a small glimpse into what makes up The Imperial Guard.

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Mar 052012

Highlighted Guild

  • Ad Infinitum – Sith Empire Guild

On Guild Checkpoint, I try to highlight various types of guilds from very casual to hardcore in play styles. This week we meet a guild focused mainly on the PVE aspect, (which might be changing soon…read more to find out). Now some are saying, hardcore and PVE, that doesn’t go together. Well, I offer you the guild Ad Infinitum. After getting to know them and their zeal for “killing bosses” they are definitely hardcore.

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Jan 312012


Photo-Receptor Focus on:  Eternity Vault: My First TOR Ops

by Maer

A little over a week ago I had my first SWTOR raid experience.  It took me awhile to get to level 50, but I finally made it and geared up my Sorc for operations.  I was excited to see how raiding in TOR would compare to other games (which shall remain nameless) that I used to play.

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Jan 162012

Highlighted Guild

  • Nightmare Asylum – Sith Empire

Time for another Guild Checkpoint, this week we look in on a guild that is all about hardcore raiding. Whether you consider hardcore raiding by working for the top gear or being server/world first at bosses or entire Operations, or raiding almost every day of the week…Nightmare Asylum prides itself in doing them all.

Have you wanted to be a part of a top-tier raiding guild or want to know what it takes to get to that level? Well sit back and get ready for the Jump, as we get to know this week’s guild and how to they got to become hardcore raiders.

More about hardcore raiding from Nightmare Asylum after the Jump…

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