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Oct 022012


Photo-Receptor Focus on Patch 1.4

By Maer

The long-awaited patch has finally come and brings with it the new Operation “Terror From Beyond”, some class changes and “Quality of Life” improvements. Some of the new changes are great, some only so-so and others are just unwelcome. Other changes that should have happened…well, didn’t.

More after the jump…

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Sep 282012

It seems that the Black Hole commendations dropped by bosses in Story Mode operations have been sucked into some powerful vortex from which nothing can escape, not even light. While not revealed in the initial patch notes, it was soon discovered that the bosses in Story Mode Explosive Conflict were not dropping Black Hole commendations any more. BioWare Senior Support Coordinator Allyson Berryman quickly chimed in, promising to look into whether the issue was caused by a bug or if it was an intentional design change. She quickly responded back to the community, indicating that it was indeed an intentional change:

“I do have an update on this issue. This change was intentional, and we’ll be adding it to the patch notes. Bosses in Story Mode Operations no longer drop Black Hole Commendations in Game Update 1.4. Thanks to everyone who brought this up, and we apologize for the confusion over it.”

This includes Terror from Beyond’s Story Mode. As of 9/28/12, the patch notes have been updated to indicate the removal of Black Hole commendations.


Sep 272012

HoloNet Links #65

As I’m sure many of you are aware by now, Patch 1.4 is live! I am also sure that many of you have noticed, like all new software, it has some issues. While I am not a fan of these issues and in fact found myself shaking my head in disbelief…that is to say there are some things that are not good to be found in the latest update. Let me be clear, I hate bugs, glitches, performance issues, even small ones that deal with my companion’s head slot, but first off I am happy we have new content!

More on Patch 1.4 & Terror From Beyond music video after the Jump…

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Sep 262012

As has been reported elsewhere, today is the day the SWTOR community gets Patch 1.4: Terror From Beyond. The maintenance window, originally expected to last six hours, beginning at 2am CDT, has now been extended another two hours to 10am CDT (11 EDT, 8PDT, your time zone). Why the extended downtime? Is it the sheer size and complexity of the patch, or is it that all of the “body type 2” characters need a little extra recuperation time from their recent plastic surgery? The rumor mill has it that, at least on the Republic side, there’s been some shortage of qualified plastic surgeons since the Face Merchants were put out of business.

Sep 112012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: The Great Nerf Game

By Maer

Bioware is asking that we try out the PTS before making up our minds about the class changes coming in 1.4. That’s a fair request. I’d love to be able to say I’m thrilled about the proposed changes. Unfortunately, I’m not. I want to love this game and I want it to succeed beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. However, Bioware is doing exactly what they said they would not do. And I have some questions about these changes.

More after the jump…

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