Apr 082014

Korriban FlashpointToday, Update 2.7 is live in-game. What all does this update bring to the game? According to the SWTOR website, this update begins a new three part story arc. This story arc starts with Forged Alliances. Both factions have two Tactical Flashpoints, Assault on Tython and Sith Incursion. These Tactical Flashpoints are level 55, similar to the two Czerka related ones.

Let’s see what else Update 2.7 offers after the Jump…

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May 302013


HoloNet Links #98

summer-image via starwars.huAs we near the end of May, it means we are entering Summer. What does that mean for SWTOR? Well, it just so happens, BioWare has given us tentative dates for new game updates, more Double XP Weekends, another visit scheduled by the Gree and several other juicy tidbits of content.

Summer schedule for SWTOR, PTS, Fan Art & more after the Jump…

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Mar 012012

HoloNet Links #35

SWTOR testing anyone?

Bioware makes a couple of announcements about needing experienced players and guilds for testing of new 1.2 patch content. First we have the post by Joveth Gonzalez asking for experienced guilds to help with the testing. This is a huge announcement which in my opinion demonstrates Bioware is listening to the community and hearing guilds that want to be a part of testing the higher level content before it goes live.

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Feb 132012

A Look At Ilum

Deirdre & Carla talk about the upcoming changes headed our way on February 14th in the form of patch 1.1.3, problems on Ilum, and much more.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact? This week’s fact or fiction talks about patch 1.1.2 items from chest items to sprint re-activation on revive to Champion bag rewards.

More Episode #47 and Comments after the jump…

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Jan 052012

HoloNet Links #27

This is the first HoloNet Links of the New Year! I hope all of you have a great year, especially a great year in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Today, we have a lot of great links and info about the game and news from folks like James Olhen, Gabe Amatangelo and Greg Zoeller. They cover PVP future ideas/fixes/level 50 brackets; also cover their commitment to fixing bugs in general, and also confirmation of a rare crystal 😉

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