Sep 032011

In part 2 of our interview, Carla grills Daniel on a wide variety of topics. The audio is a little weak, so here are the questions and responses below. Really, though you should watch the video because the way he answers is often more telling than the actual response.


  • In-game record feature? PASS
  • Guild banks? PASS

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Sep 022011

Discuss this episode on the forums here or on Comments.

Carla, Kathy, and Roxanne are back from PAX and full of stories and opinions about what we learned.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge involves PvP.

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Sep 022011

Roxanne and Kathy chatted with Daniel Erickson about some big picture questions — reality vs. immersion, companion death, how close the game has come to achieving his original vision, and more. He talks about some of the things he wishes were in the game, but looks on the bright side by pointing out that SWTOR is an MMO, so development is ongoing. That’s what Walls of Crazy are for. We also talk about pre-orders.

Part 2 of this interview features Carla and our (in)famous Yes/No/Pass game.

Aug 312011

The Journey Begins
Awaking at the crack of dawn has never been my thing, but it’s PAX, so I do it. Why the heck is it still dark outside? This confuses me.

At airport security, I get my first-ever chance to take a stand on the issue of body scanners, but I find that I have no moral rectitude this early sans caffeine, so I meekly subject myself to the scanning process — no complaints about the ratio of cost vs. actual security, no objections to invasion of privacy or the difference between a suspect with probable cause and some poor shmuck who just needs to get somewhere via airplane. I plant my feet in the outlines on the floor and raise my hands over my head, palms forward. I am “participating in security,” as one of the signs says.

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Aug 302011

Jeff Hollis from TORWars interviewed a few people standing in line at the SWTOR booth at PAX Prime. Roxanne got a little face time on camera and talked about how awesome she was at Huttball…if having no idea what’s going on is the same thing as awesome!

Check out the TORWars guys for some great PAX Prime coverage.

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