Oct 152012

Highlighted Guild

  • Transcendence – Galactic Republic

There are many playstyles that make-up gamers, so it only stands to reason there are several types of guilds ranging from casual to hardcore. While some guilds completely roleplay in character there are others just out to have a party like time. There are guilds into PVE endgame progression and those who are fully focused on PVP. Not to mention the many who blur the lines between the many types of guilds. This week’s guild, Transcendence, leans to the full-tilt PVP side of SWTOR. We will find out their beginnings, why they favor PVP and also learn how they are doing as they attempt to venture into Operations.

War Hero armor ready? Time to meet Transcendence after the Jump…

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Aug 202012

Highlighted Guild

  • Omega Knights – Galactic Republic

Remember back in the day when you would call up your friends to come to play some games. It didn’t matter whether it was board games, videogames, sports, or whatever…the main reason for doing it was to have a good time with your friends. This week’s guild got its start practically the same way. A group of friends deciding they wanted to have a good time enjoying adventures in the Star Wars universe. Honestly, when it comes down to what we value in our life, whether its family, friends, entertainment, etc. it is because we have some level of fun or enjoyment in the activity and the company of the people with us…if not why do it?

More about this group of friends & how they enjoy SWTOR after the Jump… Continue reading »

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