Jun 222012

By Ghoztt

Congratulations on reaching level 50 and beating Star Wars: The Old Republic! Not so fast! For some, reaching level 50 is just the beginning of what is known as the ‘end game’ content. I’m sure you’ve heard those words tossed around or perhaps you haven’t but it is known as ‘raiding’ or, to be more specific, ‘Operations’ in the world of TOR. This is the subject that many people get up in arms over and, while we can go into that subject a great deal, I’ll leave it for another time. Today I’d like to talk about how does one get ready for an Operation in terms of gear.

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Mar 052012

Highlighted Guild

  • Ad Infinitum – Sith Empire Guild

On Guild Checkpoint, I try to highlight various types of guilds from very casual to hardcore in play styles. This week we meet a guild focused mainly on the PVE aspect, (which might be changing soon…read more to find out). Now some are saying, hardcore and PVE, that doesn’t go together. Well, I offer you the guild Ad Infinitum. After getting to know them and their zeal for “killing bosses” they are definitely hardcore.

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Nov 212011

Highlighted Guild

  • Genesis – Sith Empire Guild

This week we welcome Genesis to Guild Checkpoint. Why they chose the Sith faction exactly? We will also look at their guild events, both for in-game leading up to and after launch, as well as some more social events. How will they help the guild? We will find out. Let’s meet one of their guild officers, FreakShow, as he joins us in the Q&A section to help us remove the “NDA” on the guild Genesis.

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