Jan 112017

Join Jason, Mox and Ravanel as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This week they are joined by SWTOR blogger and commando enthusiast Shintar. CRR discusses the latest news and the social implications of the galactic command system, and comes with an official response from BioWare regarding the Fractured exploit.

Quit that Fractured pug as your hosts deal out the info in this week’s podcast…

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May 152015


HoloNet Links #193

swtor-logoEveryday I’m leveling lol. I have been waiting to use that line since the Epic XP boost has gone live. This past week, I have been playing my way through the Jedi Consular story line. Currently, I am almost ready to finish Taris. What class are you currently leveling? We would love to hear about you leveling experiences in the comment section. Besides leveling, the Gree event is back on Ilum and is here through May 26th.

Let’s get into this week’s links after the Jump…

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Jan 162015


HoloNet Links #176

As we near the mid-point of January, the latest expansion has been updated. Update 3.02 went live on this past Tuesday. In the most recent update BioWare has fixed a few things and also made changes to group finder and new rewards on one of the Weekly quests for Yavin IV. Of course there are still some pesky bugs lingering around, but it seems little by little things will be clearing up with each maintenance and update patch.

PTS 3.1 patch notes, Boy gets a ‘Clone’ arm & more after the Jump…

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Jun 242013

Community Checkpoint title box

Highlighted Guild

  • Nothing Personal – Sith Empire

I’m sure we have heard the term, its “Nothing Personal,” especially those who have seen the Godfather movies. This phrase is also the name of this week’s guild. The guild, Nothing Personal, is very competitive and PVP focused…they take PVP serious. Nothing Personal loves to dominate and win ranked PVP matches, but they take a loss in stride and enjoy SWTOR for what it is…a game. So like their name, whether they are beating you down or taking a loss, it’s Nothing Personal.

Nothing Personal’s PVP perspective in SWTOR & more after the Jump…

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Jul 022012

Our Writers’ Roundtable is a lively discussion of the latest happenings by some of the writers here at Corellian Run Radio.   This is a format that we try with one episode each month.   We hope you enjoy it!


This segment we talk about recent CRR articles, Update 1.3, Character Transfers and more.  We have 4 of our current writers, Jason, Maer,  John, and Drew, joining Carla & Deirdre to discuss these hot topics.   This is an action packed episode you won’t want to miss!


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