Jun 182012

Highlighted Guild

  • No Sleep Till Kessel – Galactic Republic

I am sure that having read the guild name, some of you are hearing the Beastie Boys’ song “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” playing in your mind (if you never have heard the song, go check it out on Youtube). That song is about the journey of the band making the most out of every moment and not about a destination. The guild, No Sleep Till Kessel, believes in this, in fact it is part of their mission statement. Too many times we all get caught up in this instant information…heck, instant everything society, that we lose sight of the journey. Now just because they like to take in the scenery as they progress in SWTOR, does not mean they are not able to clear Flashpoints, Operations and looking forward to Ranked Warzones in Patch 1.3.

More about NTSK & also how their server transfer went after the Jump…

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Jun 112012

Server Transfers Here June 12th!

This week Carla and Deirdre talk about this week’s Community Q & A, Update 1.3 on the Public Test Server, Character transfers, and more.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the true fact?  This week’s fact or fiction talks about crafting augment kits, gaining social points, and the group finder tool?

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May 212012


Newly released, IGN has a great article with BioWare’s James Ohlen explaining 1.3 in the video released, while Daniel Erickson answers questions in detail.  Highlights are:

  • Update 1.3 is called Allies
  • Group Finder tool announced
  • Group Finder tool does not support cross-server play
  • Character transfers introduced for select servers first
  • Legacy customization on how you want to play ie. space combat, pvp, etc.
  • Adaptive Gear allows social gear to scale to the armor needs of the wearer
  • Augment Table introduction
  • Augment Kits by crafters
  • Update 1.4 will show a return of “big content”
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