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Oct 222012

Highlighted Guild

  • Crimson Shadow Legion – Sith Empire

There are soo many different games and just as many type of guilds, it sometimes gets easy to feel lost in the shuffle. Some guilds are very driven and focus solely on being the very best, even if that means the cost of leaving some behind. On the other hand, there are some guilds that can be soo casual that many achievements are never reached. How is the best way to find a balance or is there even a way to strike a balance? This week we look at the guild, Crimson Shadow Legion. We will see how this multi-game guild strives to focus on finding the balance between casual and hardcore, as well as focusing on how to build strong ties and friendships to last beyond any one game.

More about Crimson Shadow Legion after the Jump…

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Oct 082012

Highlighted Guild

  • Pandamonium – Sith Empire

Another week and that means it’s time to introduce another great guild. This week we get to meet and learn about the guild Pandamonium. Yes, that is spelled correctly and no, there are mentions of monks or any hints of mist to speak of. What this guild is about is having fun and staying fairly casual…as casual as a guild with 6 raiding teams can be. No, seriously this is a great bunch of gamers, who do keep it casual even if they do take pride in endgame content.

Let’s get ready to learn about Pandamonium after the Jump…

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Jul 232012

Highlighted Guild

  • Cold Fusion – Sith Empire

Cold Fusion, the illusive energy resource, promises almost limitless energy thus making it cost next to nothing. Some believe it to be a scientific myth. This week’s guild has some unique qualities that one might believe it to be a myth as well. If I told you there was a guild that had adult rated voice-chat and even similar style in some jokes, you might think it was a immature guild, but that’s not necessarily the case. Now while that kind of chat and jokes are not my thing, this guild handles themselves very well and are organized in their guild activities. Until I had a chance to research and discover more about this guild, I would have thought this sort of guild would be as much a myth as the notion of almost “free” energy.

We will learn how they enjoy SWTOR in their own way after the Jump… Continue reading »

Jul 162012

Highlighted Guild

  • Dark Aftermath – Sith Empire

Each week I get the opportunity to meet a guild in the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. There is something unique about each guild along with a sense of pride they have in their guild. The guild Dark Aftermath is the focus this week. As we meet their guild leader and co-guild leader, we will find out what they feel is important in the game and even some suggestions for anyone looking to start a guild of their own.

More about Dark Aftermath after the Jump… Continue reading »

Jul 022012

Highlighted Guild

  • Alpha Imperium – Sith Empire guild

At some point in our lives’ we all have gone through tough times and had to make changes and adapt our goals. This can happen to players and guilds alike. While changes in the gaming world may not be as important, they are not easy and take work to see through. This week’s guild, Alpha Imperium is working through changes from population drops to now character/server transfers. Though the guild has had to adapt their goals for the time being they remain determined and eager to meet the challenges head-on.

More on how Alpha Imperium is adapting for the future after the Jump…

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