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Feb 062012

Highlighted Guild

  • Keyboard Heroes – Sith Empire Guild

Last night we celebrated the heroes of the National Football League during the Superbowl. On this week’s Guild Checkpoint, we have another group of “heroes,” the guild Keyboard Heroes. Although having some Canadian ties, perhaps I should have used a Stanley Cup Finals analogy, but I digress. This guild has a couple great guys, Kalan and Sydor, leading the way in-game and also being a well known part of the SWTOR community with their podcast. KBH was featured on an earlier article, and now we find out how the guild is doing and how they are making their way in the Star Wars: The Old Republic Universe.

More about Keyboard Heroes from their leaders, Kalan & Sydor after the Jump… Continue reading »

Jan 302012

Highlighted Guild

  • The Brotherhood of SWATH – Sith Empire Guild

Guild Checkpoint is where we take a look at the guilds in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Today in addition to that…we will be revisiting some of the guilds we have featured and see where they are now post-launch. Our first revisit is with The Brotherhood of SWATH. We talk again with their “infamous” leader Mr. Crowley. He sheds some light on how their guild has taking to SWTOR, especially this being their first MMO on a PVP server as a guild. We will also find out some of Crowley’s opinions concerning the state of the game and yes, it is PG.

More catching up with The Brotherhood of SWATH after the Jump… Continue reading »

Jan 232012

Highlighted Guild

  • Blood Tithe – Sith Empire Guild

As Star Wars: The Old Republic has passed its one month anniversary, server communities are really starting to take off. Today we look at one guild that is dominating in PVP on their server and making a call out to any Empire and Republic guilds to join and/or challenge them on their server. We will look at Blood Tithe’s beginning and why they want to get more competition…not just for them but the server.

Archammes will tell us more about Blood Tithe after the Jump…

Continue reading »

Dec 262011

Highlighted Guild

  • Juggernaut Empire – Sith Empire Guild

Another Monday is here and time for Guild Checkpoint. Today we are looking at the Sith guild, Juggernaut Empire. We get an inside look at the guild from Milo, the guild’s Co-GM, in the Q & A section. We will get an understanding of what type of people they hope to recruit, how they got their start, and why they decided to be a part of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Get ready as we prepare to look inside the Juggernaut Empire after the Jump.

More info on this Sith guild after the Jump… Continue reading »

Dec 052011

Highlighted Guild

  • Beskar – Sith Empire Guild

Ever since fans saw the fully armored bounty hunter with his iconic helmet, Boba Fett on the big screen many wanted to know more about this character and his mysterious culture…the Mandalorians. This week we meet Blur and get to know more about him and the Mandalorian based guild, Beskar. First, let’s look at their recruiting video.

More about the Mandalorian based guild, Beskar after the Jump…

Continue reading »

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