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Oct 102012

By Geldarion


Welcome to the war, comrades. You have been selected to receive the latest training and tactics fresh from the warfront. The tried-and-true strategies you are about to hear are extremely effective and CLASSIFIED. Let’s get to the briefing. Today, we will discuss what Sentinels and Marauders bring to the table in team-based PvP.

More after the Jump…

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Mar 212012

By Daniel Sperelli

Welcome once again to your weekly dose of Force Lore, where we explore the who, what, when, and why of the Star Wars Universe and how it ties in with Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Thank you to all of you that have been supporting of the column and all of the hard workers here at Corellian Run Radio.

Last week we started looking at the Jedi and the Sith, with how their ideologies and organizations either parallel each other or are mirror opposites of each other.  Part one examined the Jedi and now today we’ll be looking at the Sith.  And what perfect timing!  Fans of the cartoon series The Clone Wars™ on Cartoon Network™ had a nice surprise on the season finale this weekend with the return of one of The Phantom Menace’s most under-rated villains, Darth Maul.  It’s a perfect prelude for this week’s column.  Set your navicomputer and follow me in after the jump!

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Aug 182011

SWTOR’s first Producer Presentation featured Gabe Amatangelo talking about what the fans will see at Gamescom.

  • Approximately 70 stations for fans to play SWTOR, approximately 15-30 minute sessions.
  • BioWare is cycling through three different aspects of the game: origin worlds, Alderaan warzone, and Eternity Vault operation demo. They change approximately every hour.
  • Gabe describes Huttball, which players will eventually play in The Pit, a newly-announced warzone.

Stephen Reid plays Sith Warrior on Korriban after the jump. Continue reading »

Jul 152011


by Mark Pajor (@mpajor on Twitter)

It’s amazing how strong an effect some music and moving words can have. The opening text crawl has been a hallmark of Star Wars since the space opera’s very beginning, and nothing can give you the blissful, excited feel of the original movies like John Williams and yellow text. Fortunately, we’ll get that same feel from all eight classes in the game, explained in today’s Fan Friday update.

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Apr 292011

Today’s update is all about the Sith Warrior character progression and a look at developing the user interface (UI) for SWTOR. We got a sneak peek at this trailer while in Austin this past Monday and were blown away by some of the moves of the Sith Warrior and specifically how terrific the armor looks. For more details visit the official site here.

Lead UI Artist, Michael Voigt, describes how the current UI was developed. Read more on the official website here.


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