Mar 212012

By Daniel Sperelli

Welcome once again to your weekly dose of Force Lore, where we explore the who, what, when, and why of the Star Wars Universe and how it ties in with Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Thank you to all of you that have been supporting of the column and all of the hard workers here at Corellian Run Radio.

Last week we started looking at the Jedi and the Sith, with how their ideologies and organizations either parallel each other or are mirror opposites of each other.  Part one examined the Jedi and now today we’ll be looking at the Sith.  And what perfect timing!  Fans of the cartoon series The Clone Wars™ on Cartoon Network™ had a nice surprise on the season finale this weekend with the return of one of The Phantom Menace’s most under-rated villains, Darth Maul.  It’s a perfect prelude for this week’s column.  Set your navicomputer and follow me in after the jump!

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Dec 192011

Highlighted Guild

  • Machiavellis Cat – Republic and Sith Guild

Time for another Guild Checkpoint. This week we look at very uniquely named guild…Machiavellis Cat. We will find out more about how this name came to be and how this guild always tries to have some fun in all they do. Perhaps after reading about them you might think they are the purrfect guild for you. We welcome Liore to our guild Q & A,  to find out the answers about the origins of the guild, their attitude about gaming, types of games, and their “excellent” rule #3. Sit back and enjoy as we prepare to make the Jump.

More about this multi-faction guild after the Jump…

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Sep 122011

Highlighted Guild

  • The Scarlet Order – Sith Empire Guild

Today on Guild Checkpoint, we take a look at The Scarlet Order, a guild for the Sith Empire. I decided to take a little different approach for this checkpoint. As it was a member of this guild, and not an officer, who contacted CRR, why not get his point of view. Without anymore waiting, let’s get into the Q&A and meet Exodus Kloon and his take on the guild, The Scarlet Order.


More about The Scarlet Order after the Jump…

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Sep 052011

Highlighted Guild

  • KBH (Keyboard Heroes) – Sith Empire Guild

As many here in the “States” are enjoying an extra day off from work or school for Labor Day, Guild Checkpoint keeps moving forward highlighting guilds in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This week’s guild is for the Sith Empire called Keyboard Heroes. Many of you may recognize the name from their podcast featured on Bootleg Radio. Today, we are going to focus on the guild side of things, as we look at KBH, Keyboard Heroes. Let’s get ready to learn more about this guild from the Q & A session with Kalan and Sydor from KBH.


More about the guild, Keyboard Heroes after the Jump…

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Aug 222011

Highlighted Guild

  • Infernal Empire – Sith Empire Guild

Another Monday is here and that means it’s time for Guild Checkpoint. This week we get to know another Sith Empire guild. Let’s get to know this guild and their attitude of casual hardcore and reality first gameplay. Their guild leader, Evel on Star Wars: The Old Republic forums, was gracious enough to put up with my Q & A.

More about the Infernal Empire after the Jump…

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