Dec 192013


HoloNet Links #127

Life Day and Gree events are going on now live in-game! Yes, the Gree Enclave is back, so head straight to Ilum and get going on the PVE and PVP dailies for this event. Yes, there is a Life Day event going on at the same time and it is not only Cartel items. In fact, the Empire sent out this edict, informing all citizens what the penalties for such involvement would be. How does the Life Day event work and how does it tie into the Gree event? We will learn about that more in today’s article.

Life Day, 2nd Anniversary Rewards, Holiday gift ideas & more after the Jump…

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Dec 122013


HoloNet Links #126

bounty contract week1Bounty Hunter Contract week is going on now through December 17th. This latest installment of this event started this past Tuesday, December 10th. How are you doing at collecting the bounties and gaining that next level of reputation with Bounties Brokers Association? I am hoping to break through and finally get Champion status. On top of that, there is of course Early Access still going on for qualifying subscribers for the Galactic Starfighter expansion. I have been having a blast playing it, even if I tend to be cannon fodder…I play this role to the best of my ability, lol.

SWTOR screenshot Dec 15th deadline, Holiday gift ideas & more after the Jump…

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Dec 052013


HoloNet Links #125

galactic_starfighter_swtorAs many of you know, early access to the expansion Galactic Starfighter started December 3rd, for qualifying subscribers. Free Flight has hit the live game! In my opinion, this 12 vs. 12 PVP space combat is just plain fun. I get shot down a lot, but seeing that before now I never PVP in SWTOR, but I do now…hello space combat! BioWare posted an article outlining the early access and rollout of Galactic Starfighter expansion. Oh, and there is this tidbit about more to come in February!

GSF extras coming, SWTOR screenshots, Holiday gift ideas & more after the Jump…

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Nov 292012

HoloNet Links #74

Despite there being time off for Thanksgiving, this current week has been packed with news. From Patch 1.6 content, like new Heroic Space Missions and the new Warzone – Ancient Hypergates all being added to the PTS. Today, 11/29/2012, is BioWare’s LiveStream Event #2 at 3:00-3:30pm CST. The LiveStream Event will be all about Patch 1.6 content and also newly released Free-to-Play option in SWTOR. Be sure to check it out and also ask questions through Twitter (#SWTOR), or SWTOR’s Facebook, or through the LiveStream chat channel.

Update on New Space Missions, SWTOR Community project & more after the Jump…

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Nov 252011

HoloNet Links #21

Today started the biggest Beta Testing Weekend, so far for the game. All of you testing enjoy and remember it is beta and there might be a few hiccups.

Santa is watching in be good for goodness sakes

HoloNet Links is coming to you the day after Thanksgiving. As it is one of the biggest shopping days, I have included some gift ideas for that Star Wars fan. In other news, last Friday the NDA was dropped on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Therefore, testers are free to share their experiences, screenshots, and even some have been streaming their gameplay. If you have not seen any of these videos, I will have some links to sites in the video section. Now before this writer slips into another food coma, from all the great Thanksgiving food yesterday, let’s get into the links and news.

More links for Dev notes, Christmas gift ideas, Facebook image & more after the Jump…

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