Aug 082013


HoloNet Links #108

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 Update 2.3: Titans of Industry was added to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Later in the article we will get into some of the patch notes for this new addition to SWTOR.

Thank You BWHowever, first I would like to talk about one addition BioWare made to the game. The addition of the Tauntaun animal mounts. I was completely surprised to see this addition made in Update 2.3, I expected it later this year. Thank you BioWare and I hope everyone would express thanks to you also. You listened to the community and delivered.

Tauntaun details, Titans of Industry patch notes & more after the Jump…

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Jul 252013


HoloNet Links #106

gray secant - gree eventThe Gray Secant and the Gree Enclave are back! Yes, the Gree event is going on again on the planet Ilum. You say you’ve done the Gree event, why would I want to do it again? That is a fair question, however this time the event has been turned up to level 55 difficulty. Now, mind you I am by no means a good player, but as far as the PVE Gree daily quests, I had them down cold. So, when I logged in to go through the normal Gree daily run, I was a bit surprised to find my companion dying on me.

Gree Event details, Tauntaun Mounts, Arenas & more after the Jump…

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Feb 072013

Now typically a dev post does not usually warrant an article…However this particular post is so cool, as in Hoth cool, that I had to share it. Below is a post by Nathan Emmot, one of the developers at BioWare.

NathanEmmott Animal Mounts in the Cartel market | 02.07.2013, 10:18 AM

tauntaun mountHowdy everyone!
I wanted to pop in here and let everyone know that we are very much reading y’all’s suggestions (and the ensuing debates ). I figured the Animal Mounts discussion would be a good one to jump in and let you know that creature mounts are something we have wanted for quite some time now. Now, obviously I can’t tell you anything concrete yet – mostly because there isn’t anything concrete yet – but I can tell you that Hoth doesn’t feel right without being able to ride a tauntaun.

No date, but they basically confirmed that animal mounts are coming! Oh I’m saving credits/Cartel Coins for a Tauntaun!

Tell us in comments below what you think about animal mounts in SWTOR

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