Aug 172012

By Ghoztt

What does crafting have to do with operations?  You’d be surprised!  Some of the best gear available in the game is actually craftable, and not just by the highest progression operation groups.  This can help you min-max your gear to find the best load out possible.  All you need are Black Hole Commendations which are very easy to get nowadays.  The daily and weekly quests offer a great way for even the most casual players to be able to do this high end crafting.  It’s not a bad way to earn a few credits either. Continue reading »

Aug 102012

By Ghoztt

Last week we delved into a bit of theorycrafting regarding the dps and healing roles.  Since tanking stats are a little different I felt it was warranted to break it up into an article of its own.  The role of the tank isn’t to put out numbers, their goal is survival.  Each of the three types of tanks have their own ways of surviving and so there are three different ways to focus stats. Continue reading »

Aug 032012

By Ghoztt

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a total geekout fest with number crunching and extreme min-maxing information.  I’ll do one of those articles later.  This article will be more focused on what beginner theorycrafters should know about their characters and what stats they should be focusing on.  We’ll also get a little into the numbers, but feel free to snooze when we get to that point. 🙂

Continue reading »

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