Feb 282011

Sith or Nazi?

Kathy’s back from being out of town and we celebrate by having Roxanne compare things to Nazis and spread baseless rumors about who’s picking up the tab at the fansite cantina event.  Speaking of cantinas, we hope actual social spaces like cantinas will replace fake social spaces like the mailbox in our Community Buzz discussion.

Fact or Fiction: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge involves crew skills, class balance, and PAX East. Continue reading »

Feb 112011

In this week’s update Master Gnost takes us back to the Great Hyperspace War, the first Republic and Sith clashes, the rise of Naga Sadow and his Battle Meditation, and the Sith’s escape into deep space.  Master Gnost speculates that the Republic may have avoided the Sacking of Coruscant if they had not made the decision to wipe out the Sith on Korriban and other planets.

Dec 132010

This week’s update features another Master Gnost Timeline video, “Rebirth of the Sith Empire.”  Odile Vaiken was just a small child when he fled the planet Korriban at the end of the Great Hyperspace War.  During the years of wandering uncharted space on a small fleet of Sith ships, Odile learned navigation and piloting.  Once the Sith settled on Dromund Kaas, Odile started the long process of creating the modern Imperial army.

Sep 052010

Query: Was anyone who has been following Master Gnost’s timeline series surprised that Revan will figure prominently in TOR?  No, but it was still thrilling when BioWare  drew that curtain back even more and announced their newest trailer, “Mysteries of Knights of the Old Republic.”  Combat video and conversation video are edited together to simulate the questing experience of a party sent to explore Revan’s complex.  Bonus: HK-47!


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