Aug 072015

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HoloNet Links #204

NicoOkarr_KotFE1Gamescom is currently going on now through the 10th of August. On the 5th, EA had its press conference and James Ohlen was on stage to address the audience for SWTOR’s part of the press conference. We found out that if players subscribe before August 10th, they will receive Niko Okarr as a companion. We also got to view a new in-game trailer entitled, “Become the Outlander.”

Now let’s get into this week’s links after the Jump…

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May 082015


HoloNet Links #192

After one full week in May, we have celebrated Star Wars Days on the 4th, been able to enjoy the complete storyline on the planet Ziost in Update 3.2 and start the second round of 12x XP in SWTOR. There is a lot going on in the game. Although for the most part, things are going good, but there are a few issues needing to be addressed.

A few tips for 12x XP leveling, Conquest fatigue & more after the Jump…

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Feb 172015

jawa swtor loveJoin Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. That’s right love is in the air. Love towards family, friends, good times, comics, and of course gaming, specifically Star Wars: The Old Republic. This love can be found in our emotions towards updates, communication or lack of, fancy new armor, and a new job (congrats Courtney). Love can also be found in overcoming a difficult task. It also has no boundaries and reaches many different countries, like our guest Vulkk. Sit back and feel the love in this episode.

Let’s get into this week’s podcast…

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Jan 232015


HoloNet Links #177

This marks the first week that the planets Rishi and Yavin 4 are involved in the Galactic Conquest. Besides adding two new planets that guilds may battle over, I like how the Weekly quest on Yavin 4 is included. Actually the number of various ways players can earn Conquest points this week seems increased. Of course that is not the only changes beginning this week. Later in this article we will discuss changes to the slot machine payouts. There is also a video by Vulkk on keybinds and UI tips.

All this & more after the Jump…

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