Developer Video Documentaries


The following developer documentaries examine different aspects of the game:


Designing the Light Side

Artists, writers, and game developers discuss the creation of the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular class.  Topics include look of gear, visual effects of abilities, and others.  See video here.


Video Documentary 4: Combat

In Part 4, “Combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic,” developers discuss their decision to make the players feel heroic from the start. Players will have access to gadgets, choreographed fight moves, extraordinary ability right away. Many terrific clips of different players fighting with lightsabers, guns, electrical blasts, etc.  For video, click here.


Video Documentary 3: Voice Over

In Part 3, “The Voice of Star Wars: The Old Republic,” we learn that the days of scrolling quest text are long gone. TOR will be fully voiced, with all NPC’s and players speaking lines of dialogue which have been recorded by the top voice actors in the business. The developers aimed to make the game experience more cinematic, more engaging for players.  For video, click here.


Video Documentary 2: Story

Part 2, “The Story and Setting,” concentrates on the importance of what BioWare calls, “The Fourth Pillar.” Other games build the gaming experience around Exploration, Combat, Progression, but BioWare wanted to make the game more immersive for the players by putting character and storyline choices with consequences at the forefront. Each class will have its own unique backstory and progression.  For video, click here.


Video Documentary 1: Overview

Part 1, Star Wars: The Old Republic Revealed, gives a general overview of the game. Developers discuss the emphasis on storyline and character, where a player’s choices will have permanent consequences and will shape the game experience. The also briefly touch on companion characters, the look of stylized realism, and the fast pace of combat.  For video, click here.


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