Sith or Jedi?




In your daily walk, do you follow the path of Light or Dark? Consider the real life situations below and see how you score. Keep track of how Carla, and Deirdre score to see which side they will feel most comfortable playing. More soul-searching questions to come soon.

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Test of Little Miss Princess
As you’re getting out of a car at a local shop a woman in a very expensive automobile with a ‘Princess’ license plate frame pulls in beside you. You both reach the door to the shop at the same time and as you open the door, without saying “excuse me” she rushes past you to get inside. At first you get a bit perturbed but toss it off as nothing and get over it. Later, while shopping you see that she is being especially rude to the clerks that are trying to help her, belittling them and just being plain rude.

After you finish your shopping foray, you drive down the street to see the ‘Princess’ stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire. You:

1 – Stop and lend a hand because not only does this act of kindness reflect better on you but it may help her extend the hand of kindness to another.

2 – Smirk to yourself as you drive by knowing that the bitch likely has auto insurance to help her get that tire fixed.

3 – Roll down your window and point at her whilst cackling mercilessly until she cries.



  1. (+1) You have chosen the Light side.
  2. (+0) You have chosen the neutral path.
  3. (-1)  You have chosen the Dark Side.



Have you complete all 45 questions?  Calculate your score and determine which path you walk.

+22 to +45: You choose to walk in the Light.  You help little old ladies across the street and you would never take the last cookie on the plate.

-21 to +21: You walk the neutral path.  You do not define the world as a place with start right or wrong choices – you prefer a more pragmatic approach.  Or perhaps you are just good at determining what serves your best interests.

-22 to -45: You choose the Dark Side.  Sith pancakes for all!



(Kathy: +14 (last question answered #36) ROXANNE: +7 (last question answered #41))

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