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Mar 062012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: TOR Staying Power

by  Maer

We are approaching the third month mark since SWTOR launched.  So, let’s chat about TOR’s staying power.  Now that we’ve had the chance to play, does it have the chops to be a long-term game?  For me, the answer is definitely yes.  However, others have already left for their next MMO.

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Frankly, some of the desertions surprise me, especially in light of some of the reasons.  I guess the reason that I find most baffling is the “bugs” excuse.  This makes me want to respond with, “Well, yeah, duh…”

It’s still a new game!  Of course there are going to be bugs.  There are always going to be problems in any brand new game or expansion.  The ones in TOR are nowhere close to ruining the game for me, though.  I even expected more bugs than we have.  They are few enough to only be a minor inconvenience for me.  And they are getting fixed.  Maybe a bit slower than I expected, but at least they are getting fixed.

Even still, I’m  not quite sure how bugs became a deal-breaker for others.  Sure the bugs can be annoying, but I make my bug report, if it’s something that hasn’t been reported ad nauseum, and move on.  I encourage you to also make bug reports.  They can’t fix it, if they don’t know it’s broken.

The other issue mentioned by those leaving is endgame content.  This is another one that I find a bit surprising.  I still have tons to do.  I’m running Ops with a great group of people.  I run space missions, dailies, and I’m nowhere close to having crafting where I want it.  I haven’t even gotten to PVP yet, but I love it, so it’s on my list of To Do things.

Which brings us to those who have a problem with PVP in TOR.  I can’t even address this one because I haven’t had the chance to PVP much.  So PvPers, feel free to add your comments below.

I look at the story, the graphics, the quests, the sheer beauty of some of the worlds and I see a brilliant game.  The launch was smooth beyond my expectations.  Smoother than any I had seen, anyway.  I adore my Sorc healer.  I’m totally loving my Bounty Hunter and even though I’m not far on my Imperial Agent, I’m enjoying her storyline.

Bioware’s Guild Summit is in progress as I write this and I find it incredibly wonderful that they are doing these kinds of proactive and personal interactions with their customer base.  The info coming out of the summit is exciting and I’m looking forward to new “toys” within the game.

No, the game isn’t perfect, but what game is?  So does it have staying power?  I think it does.  I’m very excited about the new content coming out.  New content that shows Bioware is aware of the fast pace of some players and is interested in keeping the game fresh, which is extremely important.

So, yeah, bottom line, I think TOR has the staying power to stay a major player in the genre.  At least, I’m not bored yet, still loving the game and looking forward to what comes next.

That’s my two credits.  What’s yours?


  5 Responses to “My Two Credits: SWTOR Staying Power”

  1. To be honest PVP feels like any other milk toast pvp we have seem lately. It has no meaning, doesn’t engage you, or at least me, its rinse and repeat like any instanced queue pvp system and Illum is so unbalanced that we see the Emps camping the guards like we did in Warhammer. I am not happy with the direction they chose at all for pvp. Still pondering if I will unsub or not. More after the break.

  2. @Maylox I can see your point, if we are comparing the Warzone PVP with other MMOs. The important thing to remember is this game is really just starting. They already admitted yesterday in the conference at Guild Summit, that Ilum was not what they wanted and are going back to the drawing board. Not many people let alone companies step up and admit their mistakes. I am actually encouraged and look forward to seeing how they plan to fix things.

    We also found out there will be another Warzone coming in patch 1.2. Along with the new Warzone, there will be 18 new types medals to earn in Warzone PVP. You are right there are things that need to be fixed and more changes to make it feel more engaging. The new medal system that will award for winning, participation, etc. add incentive to win, while also add incentive to keep fighting to try and earn more medals is a step in the right direction.

  3. Great article Maer! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Jason. 🙂

  5. Well i must say that yes the pvp needs work. I am also glade to see Bioware step up and say they messed up with Ilum. But i also remember when a game called WoW was new and had alot more issue then SW:TOR does at this point in its long life, and all the issue that WoW still as. Im looking forward to 1.2 and all it as to offer us true gamers that can live with bugs to play a game that will grow and get better with age.

    May The Force Be With You
    Lord Lockdown

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