Nov 092010

BioWare isn’t saying what direction they’re going to go when it comes to payment models for SWTOR, but there are plenty of game companies out there who aren’t shy about giving their advice.  IGN reported that at the London Games Conference, Bigpoint CEO Heiko Hubertz said that EA and BioWare will never make money on SWTOR unless they embrace microtransactions.

Last week, the Escapist talked to Jack Emmert, head of Cryptic Studios, who also chimed in on SWTOR‘s chances of being successful if it tried to use the monthly subscription model.  Such a plan would put it in direct competition with the Goliath of all monthly subscription-based MMOs, World of Warcraft.

“You’re skating uphill if you don’t offer a free-to-play option.  World of Warcraft has pretty much sucked the oxygen out of the subscription market and kind of devoured it itself,” said Emmert.

BioWare hasn’t reveled its hand yet, but it sounds like they are not taking any options off the table.  “We’re looking for the kind of business model that the fans are very comfortable with and that they’re going to find most appealing and comfortable,” BioWare’s Ray Muzyka told IGN Game Scoop in their audio interview here.  Ask A Jedi transcribed the pertinent parts here.

BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk discussed payment models in an interview with  He did not see free-to-play ever completely replacing the monthly subscription model, as he explained here.

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