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Dec 022011

Today we introduce our new weekly column, CRR HoloScan. Each week we will spotlight a member of the SWTOR community and get him or her to answer ten slightly off-the-beaten-path questions. Feel free to answer the questions yourself in the Comments section!

This week Lethality from Ask A Jedi submitted his CRR HoloScan report and we find out he is a football fan and a pizza snob.

Q: What was your first video game obsession?
A: I’m gonna have to date myself a bit with this one, but I would have to say Enchanter, which was one of the classic text adventures from Infocom (makers of Zork!) That was not just my first video game obsession, but I believe my first understanding that these games could provide virtual worlds in which I could play! Then, Ultima was an absolute classic and my intro to RPGs. After that, I would say the King’s Quest series from Sierra – all played on my Apple IIe, of course!

More CRR HoloScan and Comments after the jump.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure, snack-wise?
A: Well, I’m addicted to pizza. And not the thin, floppy NY style stuff… not the thick Chicago stuff either. I’m from Buffalo, NY and besides creating the wings everyone knows about, they also have the world’s best pizza. It’s a fact! Although it’s hard to get now since I live in Florida. For a day to day guilty pleasure snack? Funyuns.

Q: Describe what you did last Sunday afternoon.
A: Watched my Bills lose to the Jets. It was close, but they found a way! Oh, and played some TOR 🙂

Q: What video game have you not yet played that you know you should?
A: Wow, too many to name. All on my game shelf, still in the wrapper. Arkham Asylum (and now Arkham City), Assassin’s Creed, Portal 2, Skyrim… oy! The list goes on!

Q: What game did you most recently play? Thumbs up or thumbs down?
A: I don’t have a ton of time to play many games these days (see above!) so what little time I have is devoted to MMOs. World of Warcraft still gets a thumbs-up from me!

Q: What TV show do you watch faithfully and why?
A: Fringe. It’s the best thing this side of the X-Files but isn’t a copy-cat show. The subject matter is great, and John Noble kills it in his role as Walter Bishop.

 Q: What was the last song you listened to on your iPod?
A: I will now proceed to date myself again. “A Passage to Bangkok” by Rush. Anyone who doesn’t know who Rush is should stop reading right now and go find out!

 Q: What bad habit do you have that you hope no one notices?
A: I spend too much time working on Ask A Jedi while I’m at work. I sure hope no one notices 😉

Q: Describe your first Star Wars experience.
A: Again, old guy here. I was 7 years old when A New Hope (we just called it Star Wars back then) came out, and I remember standing in line with my Mom to go see it at the theater in 1977! I don’t think it was opening day, but I remember it vividly! And then, the hunt was on for action figures…!

 Q: Finish the sentence: My first character in SWTOR will be__________ because _________.
A: Shamefully behind the leveling curve…


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