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Apr 202012


by Ghoztt

Last week we visited some ideas to help your runs with the Eternity Vault.  This time, I’d like to share some of the same advice for the Karagga’s Palace operation.  In case you missed last week’s article you can read up on it here.  The Karagga’s Palace operation is smaller in scale compared to the Eternity Vault so there aren’t really any ‘shortcuts’ available.  There are still a few tips that can make your clears easier though.


  • Extraction – If a sorcerer/sage is fast enough, they can extricate a team member from the acid pit.  Sometimes, if you are lucky, you’ll be knocked in where you will not be taking damage.  This leaves the sorcerer/sage more time to get you out.  Next time stay further in!
  • Suck it up! – Kiting Bonethrasher around while you have agro can lead to other members getting cleaved.  Rather than risk wiping the operation, stand still and take the blows and let the healers keep you alive.  Everyone else should be far enough behind not to get hit.
  • Leave the cats alone – The cats that spawn when the boss hits 50% health are a nuisance.  Let a tank pick them up and pull them aside.  They can also be CC’d so the tank can put extra dps on the boss. DPS should focus on Bonethrasher and get him down before finishing off the cats.  This is probably the accepted strategy now but for those just starting KP it might be useful to know.

Sorno and Jarg

  •  Uncarbonized Tanks – When Sorno flies up into the balcony, carbonizer droids appear and freeze the tank.  If a dps is fast enough, they can taunt Jarg before the carbonizer droids appear.  This will put them into the carbonized state instead of the tank.  This is particularly beneficial in hard modes where Jarg has a tendency to one-shot a DPS while the tank is frozen in carbonite.
  • Single tank it – A DPS with heavy armor can offtank Sorno on normal mode as long as his unload is interrupted and the healers are strong.  Bounty Hunters and Troopers are great for this role, especially the Powertech/Vanguard advanced class.
  • Assign interrupts – Make sure that you assign your interrupt duties for Sorno’s heal and unload abilities.  That way you avoid doubling up on interrupts and running out when a crucial one is needed.

Foreman Crusher

  • Rotate tanks – If you are running two tanks, you can trade off the boss to soak up his frenzy abilities with defensive cooldowns.  This is more of an issue in hard mode and above.
  • Shields up! – Have your Snipers and Gunslingers use their shields to help mitigate some of the damage during the boss frenzy. That is, of course, if you have them.

Heavy Fabricator

  • Single tank it – If your tank and/or healers are sufficiently geared, you can single tank this fight and power through the armor reduction debuff on normal mode.  This leaves an extra spot for another dps to help burn down this tight enrage timer.
  • Redrum! – In the boss’ room, you can avoid getting murdered by the murder droids by jumping up and down the step.  They are forced detour to take the ramps which will avoid quite a bit of damage.
  • Charge up – Your Warriors and Knights can build up their rage and focus on the boss before the fight starts.  This will give them a head start on the initial pull.  It will put you in combat for a short amount of time but will clear after everyone stops attacking it.  Just make sure you are out of combat before starting the fight.
  • Living on the edge – Place a healer on the very edge of the middle platform.  That location puts them out of range of the proximity mine droid that spawns there.  This will also allow them to heal both the team on the ground and the button pushers.  Just make sure that anyone who gets targeted by the boss’ missile avoids standing near the healer.


  •  Cleanse yourself – Those with the ability to clear debuffs should clear the gravity well effect themselves.  This will make life easier on your healers who may have a hard time spotting the tiny icon next to your raid frame.
  • Mouse droid timer – The mouse droids spawn on regular timed intervals.  As they spawn, try and use an ability that has a cool down of at least 30 seconds.  If you have countdown timers on your cast bar, you can have an estimated timer as to when the mouse droids will spawn again.  On 8 man, they will spawn every 1 minute.  On 16 man, they will spawn every 45 seconds.

Hopefully you’ll get to try some of these out and maybe you’ll find some of them useful.  I should make a disclaimer that some of these may not apply since the Legacy 1.2 patch.  I’m afraid I haven’t been back in either Eternity Vault or Karagga’s Palace since the release.  If you find anything doesn’t work feel free to let me know.  Next week I will be reviewing the new operation in Denova.  I must say that so far it has been beautifully executed and wonderfully challenging.  See you then!

Ready check done?  Pulling in 3… 2… 1…

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