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Aug 312012

By Ghoztt

It has been over four months since Explosive Conflict was released.  I don’t know about you all, but I am itching to see some new content!  I understand that there has been some turmoil and staff cuts going on at Bioware, but I seem to recall them saying that they had about a year’s worth of content ready to be released.  So let me ask this now:  Where’s the beef?

I don’t like to complain about the game because I have been thoroughly enjoying myself with the operations available.  Our guild progressed through the content at a fairly even pace.  We hadn’t even killed Kephess hard mode until about six weeks ago.  With the operation now on farm, we find ourselves wondering:  What is happening next?  There hasn’t even been a peep of news coming from Bioware as to when we’ll even see the next patch in PTS.  It has been entirely too long since we’ve heard any official news and these sneak preview videos aren’t really cutting it.


As many people know, subscriptions have been dropping steadily since release with the main complaint being that there is nothing to do at ‘end game’.  Now, that term means different things to different people but, in the case of our guild, that means operations.  So far, EC hard mode has been challenging enough to keep us entertained.  However, we’re now beyond the four month mark since any new operation content has been released and it’s been getting pretty stale.  I would have hoped that Bioware would have given us some news to keep us in anticipation.  That trailer was exciting enough two months ago but since then there has been NO new information whatsoever.  Where is the nightmare mode Explosive Conflict that we were promised?  At this point, I wouldn’t care if they just increase the boss’ hit points and damage output and throw in a title like they did with Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace.  At least it would give some of us something to work towards.

It’s come to the point where this column has gone from providing information about operations to a rant about why we haven’t seen anything new.  I’ve mostly run out of things to talk about because there isn’t anything else to talk about.  I had high hopes for this game and still love it but it seems that Bioware or, most likely EA, is making it very hard for me to continue to do so.  I’m sure it’s not intentional, I’m sure they have their own struggles they have to deal with but, since the layoffs, they have been doing a very poor job managing the community and keeping us informed of what’s going on.  Let’s hope we hear some news very soon.

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