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Sep 212011

After today’s website maintenance, Bioware introduced the next step in the Guild Program, Guild Phase 2. In this phase, guilds can now start aligning themselves with other guilds, in the same faction, or guild might choose to select adversaries. The idea is to start getting the allegiances and adversaries lined up, to have a higher chance of getting placed on the same server.

*edit – Check below for a quote from David Bass about alignment in Guild Phase 2.*


More of Guild Phase 2 breakdown after the Jump…


Under the Guild FAQ, there is a new entry for Guild Phase 2:

  • Here are a few of the highlighted answered questions.
  • Guilds wanting to align, but have selected a different server type, (PVP, RP, PVE, etc.), and/or different time zone will be placed listed as, “Not a server match.” Basically, to give best possible chance to be on the same server, have the same type of server and time zone.
  • The Guild Leader or Officers, given permission by the leader can to create guild alignments.
  • A Guild Can NOT change faction, after the guild is created and faction has been selected.
  • A Guild can have a total of three alignments. This means a guild can have three allies, or two allies and one adversary, or any combination that equals no more than three alignments.
  • Allies have to be of the same faction and Adversaries have to be of the opposite faction. This means no opposite faction Allies or same faction Adversaries.
  • There is no guarantee that all Allies and/or Adversaries will be on the same server come release, but Bioware will do their best to accommodate in the best interest of server space and for the guilds.
  • Guild leaders and members now have the ability to invite new members through email.


Another feature being implemented with Phase 2 is the ability for guild leaders and members with the proper permissions to invite friends to join their guild via email. You can start recruiting new members today!

David Bass added the following just to make sure there was less confusion about Guild Phase 2:

DavidBass News and Announcements -> Guild Alignment Begins
We’ve seen some confusion today with the launch of Phase 2: Alignment that we’d like to clear up. As stated in the Guild FAQ, the Pre-Launch Guild Program allows you to register your guild before the game releases in order to be placed on a server with your Allies/Adversaries at launch. At no time do we force you to join a specific server, either as a guild or as a player. During Phase 3: Deployment, we will assign servers to qualified guilds, effectively reserving their guild name on those servers and ideally placing them alongside their Allies and/or Adversaries. Guild members are free to accept the offer in-game, or they can choose to ignore it and join whichever server they’d prefer instead.

This is another step closer to launch folks! Lots of positives to take from this update, and it is only Wednesday!

above image from fragworld.org

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