Nov 102011

This is the second part of our write up on Gabe Amatangelo’s presentation at the Fansite Summit 2. During the one-hour session Gabe walked us through the open-world PvP zone of Ilum, the Voidstar warzone, and then answered questions from the fansites. Read the first part on Ilum here.

The Voidstar

Gabe narrated a live demo of a single player making his way through the Voidstar, one of the three warzones that will be in-game at launch.

More Voidstar, Flashpoints, Operations and Comments after the jump.

This assault-style event pits the teams against each other in two separate rounds. The team that is randomly chosen first must make its way from one end of the derelict battle cruiser to the finish, where a data core must be recovered. To progress, the team must move from one room to the next, blasting doors open and extending bridges as the opposite team tries to stop them before they reach the data core. After the end of the round, the teams switch sides so that the attackers become the defenders.

There are several ways to determine the winner:

  • Only one team makes it to the data core.
  • Both teams make it to the data core, but one team is faster.
  • Neither team makes it to the data core, but one team moves through more rooms.
  • Neither team makes it to the data core and both teams move through the same number of rooms, but one team makes it farther into that particular room.

General Info on Flashpoints and Operations

  • Operations will typically last approximately 3 hours.
  • No enrage timers on bosses on Normal Mode flashpoints. Hard Mode flashpoints and operations will have enrage timers.
  • Flashpoints will have three or four bosses. The fourth boss is often hidden (i.e. triggered by completing a secondary objective).
  • Normal and Hard Modes will have identical layouts.

Listen to the audio of the Q&A session with Gabe Amatangelo at TORWars here.

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