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May 222012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: SWTOR Favorites

By Maer

There’s always going to be someone who has something negative to say about any game. There are also going to be those who will defend a game till its dying day. This week, I’d like to focus on the things that are great about SWTOR. Just as a reminder, as it were, to take a look at what I still love about the game.

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The graphics were and are stunning and some of the best I’ve seen. Lines are crisp, details are sharp and the graphics are as impressive today as they were when I first started playing.

The architectural and planet designs remain one of my favorites. There is no lack of color in the individual planet designs. The architecture, planetary vistas and dynamic colors were stunning when I first started playing. They remain stunning today and I still appreciate them.

The storylines remain one of SWTOR’s strengths. I’ve still only completed my main storyline, but I’m working slowly, but surely, on my alts’ storylines. Now that summer’s here, I’ll be able to devote more time to leveling those alts.

I have my spaceship all decked out with every high level purple mod I can get my hands on. I still run space missions every now and then. I just need to leave time in between, so I don’t get too burned out. I never did make it all the way to the end yet, but I may do that one of these days.

As to gathering, I’m having more fun on my low level Bounty Hunter than I did on my Sorc. That could be because I went with all gathering on the Bounty Hunter and I only had archaeology on my Sorc. But I’m definitely enjoying the gathering on the Bounty Hunter more. I love seeing all those stars on my mini map in one small area.

Mostly, I enjoy the social aspect of playing with friends. Even though many of my friends are leaving the game, there are still enough left that I have lots of company. At least most of the time. I’m still raiding and, of course, that’s always fun. Grouping up for dailies, flashpoints and special events is always entertaining.

Thank heavens my guild has special events.  I can’t imagine playing this game without the benefit of a large guild.  A bit ironic when you remember that Bioware didn’t have a lot of love for large guilds in the beginning.  I’d like to hear from those in small guilds.  What is your opinion and what sorts of activities do you do, if any?

Recently, we’ve been working on the Aratech Coral speeder. I’ve got all of the regular bosses down and now only have the Nightmare Pilgrim to finish.  Then, new speeder, here I come.

I still need to finish my datacron achievements.  I have about half of them at this point.  My guild also does an event around getting these and I’m looking forward to joining that.

As we wait for new content to appear, I can still find things to do and entertain myself.  However, I really would like a bit more variety.

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?

Ready…Set… Discuss…

  5 Responses to “My Two Credits: SWTOR Favorites”

  1. My favorite thing about SWTOR is story, specifically the class stories and how this MMO is fully voiced. It takes a lot of the grind out of the grind of leveling up. I’ve found myself on numerous occasions staying up too late all because I want to see what happens next in my class story. I too like the graphics and the architectural and planet designs. I really like PVE—the flashpoints and operations. I am in a smallish guild of about 20 active members. We did speeder races on Tat last week for a guild event that was a lot of fun. We’ve talked about having a March Madness bracket-style dueling event among our guild members, and also an event having our companion characters duke it out with one another. We do normal and HM ops runs as scheduled guild events.

  2. Well you cite things you like but not very enthusiastic. Seems like you don’t like the game. That’s my 2 cents

  3. Mark, thanks for your comment. Actually I’m still enjoying the game very much. Perhaps not as enthusiastically (as you pointed out) as I was in the beginning, but that happens with any game as time goes by. I’ve settled in quite nicely and SWTOR has a comfortable feel for me now. Comfort isn’t a bad thing. I played WoW comfortably for 5 years. 🙂

    Thross, thanks for posting about your guild events. They sound fun! Events, FTW.

  4. The voice acting is good but I think they went over top with using it for every quest. I don’t feel I need 3 minutes of dialog to be told just to go kill 10 republic troopers. Love it for the main class quest though.
    Really like the graphics but the armor modeling needs work.
    I like the flashpoints but putting them on the fleet and not having a way to look for a group while questing on the same level planet was a huge oversight.
    For me, swtor has become a game of buts and should haves. It had great potential but was rushed to market.
    I believe that had it shipped with the 1.2 update and a lfg tool it would have been a huge success.
    Unfortunately, it did not and I doubt that they will get enough people back with 1.3 for bioware to justify their current expenditures.
    I foresee server merges and the game going free to play soon. Hate to see it happen to a game that so much upside but I believe in todays mmo market you have one month, two tops to hook your core customers and if you dont thats it.

  5. I played WoW since just before 1.2 up until SWTOR. I will never go back to WoW because SWTOR has shown me what an MMO should be. The graphics, sounds and overall environment (IT’S STAR WARS!!) just make it a pleasure to play. And to have actual storylines and voice acting for everything, well that is just the cherry on top. I know a lot of people get frustrated or annoyed by all the cutscenes, but for me that is one of the best parts. I will skip them in groups, but solo I watch everyone even if I have seen them a dozen times before. Everyone expected a game that had been aged and refined for 8 years right out of the box. I think those people need to just chill and be happy that the future will hold many changes and additions to keep the game fresh.

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