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Jul 242012


Photo-Receptor Focus on: TOR Cool Stuff

By Maer

There are some very cool things that have recently come out and others that are planned for the future in SWTOR. I’m particularly excited about two of them. One I’ve already got and the other is something to look forward to in the future.

More after the jump…

The first one is the Kurtob Alliance, pictured above. This vehicle is totally cool for a lot of reasons. First off, I get to have it on all my characters, regardless of their level. That meant my level 14 Operative could have it. All I had to do was purchase the first level of Travel for her and away she went. At 110 movement speed! And she has a decreased chance of getting knocked off.

It really works too. That’s a real plus when she’s in an area too high for her. Something I have a bad habit of doing. It’s already saved her several times and I’m very happy I spent the 40,000 credits to get her the travel ability. It’s well worth it and you can get it at level 10.

That’s something to consider, even if you don’t have the Kurtob and I highly recommend it. I’m able to save a lot of time in-game by having her on a speeder.

Back to the Kurtob, it also looks awesome. It’s become my favorite form of travel on all my characters. I feel like I have my very own pod racer and that’s a Cool Factor of +10.

So, how do you get you own Kurtob Alliance? You just refer a friend. Or several. If even one buys the game and signs up for a subscription, you get the Kurtob. Not a bad deal at all, in my opinion, since I like having my friends play. I was very happy that some of them joined me after my referral.

The other cool thing I’m really looking forward to is HK-51. Anytime I can get an epic looking and powerful companion for my healer and DPS characters, I’m a happy camper. And HK-51 looks to be particularly awesome. I don’t have as much info on this, since it was only recently announced. I’m hoping for a nice long quest chain to get HK-51, so that it feels epic. I also hope he’s every bit as ruthless as he appears.

And if he paints the inside of my ship and gives foot massages, I may be spacing 2V-R8.

That’s my two credits. What’s yours?


  3 Responses to “My Two Credits: TOR Cool Stuff”

  1. I really like all the cool stuff mentions above, the only thing i really did not like is that the “friend” does not get a speeder as well. Would have really been nice as an incentive for the friend to actually buy the game as they could use it a whole lot more than most people that have been in the game for a while.

  2. I agree, Val! That would have been a very nice perk for them. And encourage them to stay. Excellent point. 🙂

  3. I also wish my friend also had that speeder but I completely understand why Bioware doesn’t give one. I think they’re trying to start a subscription chain reaction (i.e. I invite someone, that someone invites someone else, so on…). A compromise Bioware could do is to also a speeder to the last invited friend if the one (that’s me) who started the subscription chain managed to convince let’s say 5 friends total… or 10, whatever. Plus, maybe some credits reward too if you managed to convince 15+ friends. Just some ideas.

    Btw, it’s working. I started a chain reaction and so far we’re at 5 new players and it keeps increasing.

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