Jun 272013


HoloNet Links #102

This past Monday, the crew from Corellian Run Radio recorded our monthly Writers’ Roundtable podcast, episode #99.  With Drew’s help on the math, I was able to figure up that the next podcast would be number 100! Oh, and we have a few plans in mind for that special podcast. There will be some special guests, more like returning family members…Kathy, and her daughter Roxanne will be there, Deirdre (DD) will also be there, along with the Drew and of course the one and only Carla! The podcast will be taped on July 13th, earlier in the evening, so be sure to look for when that podcast is posted…oh, and we are having an in-game party!

Podcast party details, Wanted: your questions & more after the Jump…

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Jun 202013


HoloNet Links #101

Wow, today is the 20th of June, and the 21st marks the beginning of Summer. It also is the start of Summer of SWTOR. To kick it off, Double XP Weekends are back! Starting Friday, June 21st, through June 24th you can earn Double XP and Legacy XP. This starting weekend and subsequent weekends are great for leveling a new character quickly or even if you take advantage of the double Legacy XP it is well worth it. Besides Double XP weekends, which we will talk about more later, Geldarion has a leveling guide for gear, we have info on the new event, and plenty of other juicy tidbits coming to SWTOR.

More on Double XP, SWTOR Summer, & Community Cantina dates after the Jump…

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Mar 282013


HoloNet Links #90

We have an official launch date for the new expansion, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, April 14th, with early access starting on April 9th. It is pretty awesome to be discussing a launch date again. It brings back some of those memories and feelings leading up to the launch date for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The amount of news, articles and talk about the expansion launch brings back some of that excitement and joy. I am really looking forward to this new expansion and getting a huge chunk of content like this makes me feel like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, “Happy, happy, happy!”

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Mar 212013


HoloNet Links #89

grey secant - gree eventSpring, according to the calendar, has arrived…at least in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m ready for some warmer weather. Ilum, on the other hand, is as cold as ever and speaking of Ilum don’t forget March 26th marks the end of the Gree Event. The Grey Secant is reported to return again, but no confirmation as to an exact date, yet. Another in-game event that will be heating up the servers this weekend is the start of the second Double XP Weekend.

Ilum bolster changes, Companion 101 & much more after the Jump…

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Mar 142013


HoloNet Links #88

Are you still trying to get that one alt leveled to 50 or maybe you just started and are looking to reach level 50 for your first time? Well you are indeed in luck, because Double XP weekends start this Friday, March 15th. Now, I did say weekends, listed in this article and the official SWTOR write-up is the complete list of weekends Double XP will be happening. We also have a post from Community Manager Eric Musco to breakdown the XP bonuses for the weekends. It is definitely time to get your level on for “The March to Makeb!”

Double XP dates, Gree Event returns & Dev live-panel video after the Jump…

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