Sep 182015

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HoloNet Links #210

As we near the one month till expansion mark, news is starting to be released from BioWare, slowly, but surely. They added another set of story blogs to the website. We are getting information on class changes and hopefully, there will be more details on other game systems rumored to be changing in the expansion. BioWare also posted a short trailer about some of the people and thinking that went into the creation of the story for Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.

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Nov 072012

By Geldarion


Welcome to the war, comrades. You have been selected to receive the latest training and tactics fresh from the warfront. The tried-and-true strategies you are about to hear are extremely effective and CLASSIFIED. Let’s get to the briefing. Today, we will discuss what Commandos and Mercenaries bring to the table in team-based PvP.

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May 272011

Watch the Trooper go from long johns and drain pipe pea shooter to plated human tank with cannons and grenades in this armor progression video.  Plenty of explosions, knocking enemies off ledges, swooping camera pans, all set to a driving musical score.  To top it off, this bad boy has no qualms about punching a girl in the face.


Jan 102011

Two Well-Known Droids, Clearly Pants-less

Welcome to 2011, the year of the rabbit and SWTOR release!  Roxanne is back with her BioWare fangirl enthusiasm and knowledge of Star Wars ships.  Plus, she makes fun of Kathy’s interpretation of gear slots on droids.  Carla has never heard of snow blowers.

Fact or Fiction: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge involves the Jedi Knight, Qyzen, and speeder bike taxis. Continue reading »

Dec 242010

Troopers are finally getting some Friday Update love.  Yesterday BioWare released the Trooper class video.  Today they followed up with a whole slew of Trooper-centric info:

Read full update page on the official SWTOR site here.

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