Jul 222011

This video update, first was seen at the panel for Comic-Con, and now provided to everyone in today’s Fan Friday update…


San Diego Comic Con has been a whirlwind of news for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The excitement of the pre-order early, well for some of us lol, Thursday morning and the amounts of new information that Bioware provided us all during the panel. The event panel started with discussing a seemingly small element, but crucial for any Star Wars visual product…the intro crawl with its patented blue text then going to the bright yellow text of Star Wars with John William’s theme happily blaring as the intro story crawls up the screen into the distance.

Just a brief note of many of the items from videos and live blogs made during the panel. Special shout out to those at Darth Hater, TORWars, and the many others making all these updates known to us not able to attend.

  • Players choosing different classes or different factions will not play the same quests – So, the hundreds of hours of player character story quest you do in one class will NOT be seen in other player classes or or other factions. If you play a,b, c quests as a Jedi Knight, those quests will not be available to another class or faction story line quests.
  • Ability to change the looks and even weapons of your companions – skin color, armor and weapon customization
  • New vehicles – most of the new ones shown are higher levels and are in early stages of development. shown were speeder bikes and even a landspeeder.
  • Possible changes or ability to better control companion AI – Those familiar with Bioware’s other games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age understand how this might work setup more on a condition scenario – if this happens, do this etc.


Okay besides the release date not being given lol, what was the most exciting or disappointing thing you took away from the reveals at Comic-Con?

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