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Jul 252011

Highlighted Guilds

  • Reign – Sith Empire PVP Guild

This week on Guild Checkpoint, we look at the guild Reign, that is planning on being on a PVP server in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Before our Q & A with their guild leader, check out their recruiting video…

  • Guild Q & A

How did Reign come to be?

When Star Wars: The Old Republic was first officially announced in 2008, we knew right away that we would want to dedicate ourselves to experiencing all the game would have to offer and doing so would mean getting involved with a guild. At the time, we were just a small group of friends who were former guildmates of one another from previous games. With lots of previous lessons learned from our old guilds, we decided to start fresh. Using all the lessons learned from our past guild experiences we set out to craft the best guild experience imaginable. Two years later, we finally managed to bring all of our ideas to fruition and create the atmosphere and community we initially set out for and here we are today.


Who are the primary officers in Reign?

Arzon – Guild Leader
Uthous – Co-leader
Bish – PvE Officer
Darth Eclipter – RP Officer
Kindread – Community Officer
Variable – Diplomacy Officer
Vakko – Recruitment Officer

Contact can be made on our website via private message or by filling out our “Contact” form.


How would you describe your guild’s play style on a PVP server?

We will be “respectful” PvP’ers. While we certainly won’t shy away from PvP (quite the opposite actually since we do have adversary relationships set up and will actively engage in PvP whenever possible), we do not condone acts that diminish the enjoyment of the game for others. While we will all certainly play our part in laying the smackdown on the Republic, we will not repeatedly camp lower level players, cause unnecessary disruptions in their ability to quest and go about their business, and so on. We live for war, but we want everyone on our server to have fun at the same time.


Are you looking for people who already have PVP experience?

No, we do not look for any particular skill set in our applicants. We simply want people who are friendly, cordial, mature and fun-loving. While PvP experience is great, it’s not any more important to us than anything else we might look for in our applicants. All we do ask is that our applicants understand that we will be rolling on a PvP server and as such, we ask that everyone do their part to help further our war efforts.


Would someone is ready to make the jump to a PVP server be welcome to submit an application and get help on PVP skills within your guild?

Absolutely, we have many in our ranks that we would consider “PvP Pros.” These are people who have engaged in just about every type of PvP environment imaginable and can offer a plethora of tips, trick and suggestions to help bring others up to speed with their own PvP skills.


Since SWTOR has so many options as far as specializing in advance classes, will you focus on pure tanks, healers, etc. or will you also encourage hybrids in the various classes?

Given what we know so far, it appears that instanced content will be similar to what we’ve seen in other games. If that assumption proves correct, then we’ll likely do what we can to ensure we fulfill the needs of satisfying the ‘holy trinity’ (pure healer, tank, DPS) and then backfill open slots with hybrid classes. However, it may be too early to tell how effective each role will be and to what extent purity in the role is required. Either way, we want our members to play what they want and find enjoyable. From a management standpoint, we’ll do our best to ensure everyone gets a shot to progress no matter what class and AC/tree they play.


What steps do people interested in becoming a part of Reign, need to take?

Our application process is relatively simple, but at the same time challenging as to ensure we recruit only the highest quality members:

1.  Visit our website and read up on our guild charter, policies and application process.
2.  Post your application in the recruitment section of our forums using the required application template.
3.  Await endorsement by our Veteran Members or Officers, who will then initiate your 2-week trial period with us.
4.  At the end of the 2-week trial, you will either be accepted or declined based upon a vote that is conducted amongst our existing members behind the scenes.


What is the one thing, besides actually playing the game, Reign is looking for in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

We’re looking for a great community to enjoy the game with. It’s a common sentiment in our guild that we miss the days of logging into a server in a game where you know some key players on that server, feel comfortable asking for help and posing questions and just have a great time without feeling pressured into playing the game a certain way just to fit in.


Thanks so much to Reign and their guild leader Arzon for taking the time to be on Guild Checkpoint. If you would like to have your guild to be highlighted on CRR, please submit your guild’s name and website in an email to me at Jason@corellianrun.com.

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