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Aug 262011

Kathy, Carla and Roxanne are at PAX Prime and were at the Star Wars: The Old Republic area early. They actually got a bit of Huttball in before Developers started in on presentation for the first day. After a video about Huttball, and I believe Gabe Amatangelo did a little commentating, there was a Q&A session. The top notched CRR ladies found out some very interesting information about operations in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


More on Q&A and Operations after the Jump…

Currently at PAX, the origin worlds and Huttball are playable on the show floor. They found out that, yes the announcer for Huttball will be in-game as well. Okay I hear you out there, you want the information on Endgame Operations and here at CRR we try our best to get you that information.

Operations are SWTOR’s term for raids and will be able to be played at level 50. Currently we know of one operation, The Eternity Vault, as of now we do not know anymore about other operations.

Our very own Kathy asked during Q&A if difficulty modes would share lockouts. Gabe answered…

  • Easy mode and hard mode raids will NOT share a lockout.

So if you run an operation on easy, you are locked out from running that operation on that same level, but can run the operation on hard.

Now after the Q&A, Kathy grabbed Gabe and followed up her question to get more detail. Here’s what she found out:

  • Right now, 8-mans and 16-mans DO share a lockout.
  • If and when a medium-difficulty mode is implemented, medium and hard modes will share lockout.
  • 8 man loot and 16 man raid loot will not differ in quality, but in quantity. However, a 16-man raid will drop slightly more than twice as much loot as the 8-man version.

I like the idea of lockouts. The idea of having difficulty levels tied to the lockouts is good also. This gives those who want to do easy mode and then automatically switch to the next level harder can try it.

What are your opinions on the new details concerning operations and lockouts? Let us know below in comments.

  10 Responses to “Time to play Operation…”

  1. “Okay I here you out there” should be “Okay, I hear you out there”

  2. Thanks for the catch

  3. “Size of raid did not affect lockouts. So if you run a raid in 8 man mode, you will also be locked out of 16 man mode.”
    “A guild might coordinate two groups of 8 to raid at same difficulty level, and then join together as a 16 size group and run that same operation and level again.”
    What I am getting from the first quote is that 8 and 16 share lockouts, while in the second one suggests that they do not (meaning you would be able to run the 8 man easy mode then the 16 man easy mode). A bit contradictory unless I am reading wrong.

  4. Sorry for double post, but I think what you were meaning is that the two guild groups could then attempt the 16 man of the higher difficulty.

  5. Agree David, sounds wierd.

  6. The group sizes do not share lockouts. Meaning you can run two of the same easy operation. One in a size of 8 and another in a group size of 16.

    On the guild side of it, you get 16 guild members ready to run an operation and divide into two groups of 8. Those two groups can run the easy level operation and then right after the two groups can join together into a 16 size group and run the same easy operation without any waiting. In fact, that same group could apply the same idea and run a hard level operation; first as groups of 8 and then again as a group of 16. That is four runs theoretically without waiting for lockouts.

  7. This Article is written extremely confusing and contradicts itself at multiple points. As a guild and raid leader this is information that I have been waiting for.

    First Bullet Point:
    “Size of raid did not affect lockouts. So if you run a raid in 8 man mode, you will also be locked out of 16 man mode.”

    Those 2 sentience’s say opposite things. The other clear contradiction was already posted by someone above.

    Could we get some clarification with 100% certainty. They have confirmed that Hard Mode and Easy Mode do not share Lockouts, You can run both in the same week.

    The simple question that needs a clear yes or no answer. Does Running an 8 man Lock you out of the 16 Man Version?

  8. Yes I did make a mistake on the first bullet.

    I think my reply above does answer, theoretically how you can organize and run multiple operations, given the current things we know.
    Thanks for bringing the bullet to my attention. I will edit it.

    All comments are welcome and thanks for the input.

  9. I also am a guild master and raid leader of a 16man guild in Swtor and i can’t say i am happy with this lockout system. Neither my guildmates. So, as far as we know, we can run the same operation(let’s talk for normal mode) twice a week (8&16 man) for the same quality of loots. I am afraid that this will end up, having all the reqards we can get from it in less than a month. Furthermore i cant find any motivation for a player to join a 16man guild, if with a much smaller group of ppl you can get the same quality of rewards. That’s how Blizzard achieved to destroy the majority of 25man guilds and i am afraid that Bioware has taken the same wrong path. I pray to the gods, i am wrong…:(

  10. I’m sorry folks, I very quickly gave Jason the run down on my convo with Gabe and I miscommunicated the raid size lockout info. I’m going to re-confirm with Gabe about the raid size lockout later today, but for now, I’m changing the bullet point to “Right now, 8-mans and 16-mans DO share a lockout.”

    We will update this article once we get confirmation.

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