Dec 072011

by Thom

Welcome everybody to another Thought Transmission! Because of the massive amount of spoilers that this article generates concerning KotOR, Revan the novel AND SW:TOR, I do not want to give you anything to skim over before you actually started reading this article, if you are planning on reading the book yourself, or if you have still not played either game yet and do not want to be spoiled up front. With that disclaimer up front, on with the show!

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Oct 272011

Drew Karpyshyn’s Star Wars: The Old Republic novel, Revan, is due to be released on November 15th, but if you can’t wait that long, check out this short excerpt from Chapter One, now available on the Random House site. In this teaser we meet the forbidding Lord Scourge on Dromund Kaas.

Aug 162011

A look at the Star Wars Insider Revan novel excerpt, focusing on how Revan’s character will be handled in SWTOR and the novel.

by Mark Pajor (follow @mpajor on Twitter)

This article contains SPOILERS for the 2003 game Knights of the Old Republic.

Who is Revan? Everyone who has played KotOR (Knights of the Old Republic) has a different answer to that question. Like with Commander Shepard in Mass Effect and the Hero of Ferelden and Hawke in the Dragon Age games, Bioware’s interactive dialogue system lets the players define Revan in any way they please. How, then, can the non-interactive Revan novel satisfy every fan of KotOR? How can one defined character of a book convey the infinite possibilities of Revan? With the first excerpt of the Revan novel in Star Wars Insider magazine, perhaps our questions can be answered.

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Apr 222011

BioWare announced the third Old Republic novel to be released, Revan, written by Drew Karpyshyn.  This novel will follow the mysterious Revan right after the end of the BioWare game, Knights of the Old Republic, will continue through Knights of the Old Republic II and beyond.  Drew promises that we will learn what happened to Revan after KOTOR.

Today’s update is an interview with Drew, who is also Principal Writer at BioWare.  He talks about how his experiences as writer on both KOTOR and SWTOR has given him deep understanding of the main character.  KOTOR fans will be happy to know that important NPCs such as Canderous and Bastila Shan make significant appearances in the new novel.

Read the full interview here.

Sep 052010

Query: Was anyone who has been following Master Gnost’s timeline series surprised that Revan will figure prominently in TOR?  No, but it was still thrilling when BioWare  drew that curtain back even more and announced their newest trailer, “Mysteries of Knights of the Old Republic.”  Combat video and conversation video are edited together to simulate the questing experience of a party sent to explore Revan’s complex.  Bonus: HK-47!


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