Nov 262010

Jedi Knight vs. Terntatek

Today’s update gives us a glimpse at the miscellaneous creatures and characters we will run into while exploring the TOR universe.  First up, the ferocious Vine Cat, a stunningly fierce predator that has been known to wipe out entire species when introduced to new worlds by the Sith. Continue reading »

Oct 262010

Gameplay News, It's A-Comin'

It’s Star Wars Story Time!  Again!  Lorehounds are happy as happy can be as BioWare puts out one story update after another.  Those wanting gameplay info will have to wait a bit longer.  BioWare keeps humming that ol’ gospel tune, “Soon and Very Soon,” but the community ain’t joining in. Continue reading »

Aug 062010

In today’s update, BioWare announces the addition of four new playable species; the Sith Purebloods & the Zabraks for the Sith and the Miraluka & the Mirialans for the Republic.

The Sith Pureblood

The Zabrak

The Miraluka

The Mirialan

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