Sep 152010

HK-47 haz salutationz

The last convention of the season rolled through Seattle, WA over Labor Day Weekend.  Did we get a big reveal?  Mmmmm….kinda, sorta, maybe, depending on who you were talking to.

Fact or Fiction Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge concerns playable species, playable planets, and Maggot.

From the Newsnet & Beyond Roundup of the most important announcements and news:

  • Trailer: Mysteries of Knights of the Old Republic.  Watch video here.
  • PAX presentation with Blaine Christine and Dallas Dickinson.  First half: Retread.  Second half: Teaser Mode!  HK-47 was nice, though.  Darth Hater’s video of presentation and Q&A with Daniel Erickson here.
  • PAX gameplay demo.  Brandon, Sado, and Lordhammer kick butt.  Darth Hater video (Part 5) here.
  • PAX gameplay impressions, Darth Hater thread.  Read it here.
  • TOR Syndicate interview with Daniel Erickson.  Watch video here.
  • Ask a Jedi interview with Blaine Christine and Daniel Erickson.  Choice has only temporary, erasable consequences now!  Read full interview here.
  •’s Larry Everett interviews Blaine Christine.  EndGame sounds like BeginAgainGame.  Read full interview here.  Read what the official forums community thinks about that here.
  • Blood of the Empire #11. Maggot enters the fray.  Read the latest issue here.
  • At last, Corellia.  Holonet page here, short fly-through video here, screenshots here.
  • Musco’s Torocast article on stats here.
  • Darth Hater’s page on Class Abilities here.
  • Farewell, Sean Dahlberg

Sith or Jedi Carla and Kathy find out which path they walk in real life with The Test of the Oatmeal Bowl.  Take the full test here.

Community Buzz

  • Rethinking the Wizard.  Blaine Christine notes the “frenzy” in his interview with Darth Hater here.  Daniel Erickson comments on the fans’ “affection” in his interview with TOR Syndicate here.
  • “Controversial” Choices poll.  Where’s the controversy?  Read and take the poll here.
  • What’s wrong with a little Rodian kissy-face?  Daniel Erickson explains why it’s important that playable characters look near-human here.  Regular CRR forums user Rae, makes a heartfelt plea for diversity here.

Special Thanks: iTunes feedback from Jason Owens and MrGutts.  Thanks, guys!

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