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Oct 142011

SWTOR Panel #2 with James Ohlen, Cory Butler, Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid.    Kathy works magic as she tweets highlights from her phone. Watch the video at MMORPG.com here.

CRR Live Tweets from NYCC:

-Q&A panel to begin in a few

-So the pre-show is a bunch of commercials. American Airlines, tv shows.

-Panel: James Ohlen, Cory Butler, Daniel Erickson, Stephen Reid

More Panel #2 and Comments after the jump

-James: didn’t expect the scope of the game would be so vast. Daniel: really really thought it would be easier!

-Stephen: the community is so big, he didn’t realize that even if only 1% are crazy, that’s a HUGE number of people

-KOTOR’s influence: DE says they collected he question marks, storywise and used those.

-On PvP server, origin worlds, capital cities are safe. Once you move on, PvP happens. Some sanctuaries but these are rare

-Item mod system currently being modified to make less complex. You will be able to modify most gear, ESP the high end gear.

-Dual spec will probably eventually be in game

-No plans to make SWTOR playable on Mac

-It’s currently possible to take a shuttle to another origin world after a short time of playing(30 mins) to help friend quest

-Not talking about legacy system

-Stephen shuts down fan question about a leak.

-Smuggler ‘s new build gives a lot of love. BW noticed when people were dropping Smuggler and decided to buff it up a bit

-Cute little boy asks,”is romance a problem for the Jedi knight?” Gets round of applause

-Social pressures affecting your game: companion reaction, dark/light points, your own moral code

-Sith Pureblood Inquisitor confirmed species/class combo

-Still not talking about Ilum

-Spectator mode for Huttball not in at ship, but they are looking at it as a possibility post launch

-James: story aspect of the game have been the easiest.

-Daniel: Not for me it hasn’t been

-Daniel: the level of documentation for story was huge

-Never Winter Nights engine used for prototype of parts of SWTOR

-Stephen: SWTOR feels more like a role-playing game than any other MMO I’ve played

-Why no weirdo races? Short answer: Because you can’t have a Wookie Jedi Knight

-It is possible to play a total smart-ass jerk but be Light side thru your choices

-Auction house has many access points. Currently being worked on now, so can’t talk more.

-No guild leveling at launch. Currently talking to guilds in testing to get feedback

-No plans to give secondary VO options. Way too expensive!

-Space combat is still a mini game, but have not closed the door an expanding it somewhere down the line.

-Not talking about Gray/neutral gear. Focus mainly on light or dark gear.

-“aggressively” working on max-level content now

-Appearance changes happen only for dark points

-They have secret plans to combat gold farming. Panel ends

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