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Apr 092012

Highlighted Guild

  • V Squad – Galactic Republic guild

Each week I get the opportunity to meet, interview and share a guild with the community. All having their own unique aspect in gameplay and guild structure that they bring to SWTOR. This week is no exception with the guild V Squad. They are a smaller and casual guild, but do not “judge them by their size” or style. V Squad’s organized style to how they approach the game, recruiting, events and their website. We will find out how this helps V Squad to not just excel, but have fun with guildmates while playing SWTOR.

We meet Vincer the GM & find out more about V Squad after the Jump…


  • Guild Q&A

How did V Squad get started as a guild? Does V Squad stand for anything and did the name come about?

The V stands for Victory! Story-wise, the squad is a multi-purpose Republic task force designed to achieve victory in all aspects of a galactic war.

The squad was formed by a desire to explore the vast game universe with others who share the same love of adventure and exploration in a drama-free, non-hostile social environment.


What faction and server does V Squad reside?

V Squad is a Republic guild on the Sith Wyrm server. We also have a “sithster” guild on the same server so we can continue to work together when we’re seeing how the other half lives.


Your guild has three separate divisions. Can you explain these divisions and how do they operate within the guild?

The three divisions are Ground, Space and Ordnance. The concept is to ensure that the various game aspects are given attention and to allow members who favor one to the others to have an important role and means of improving the guild and their preferred play style.

  • The Ground Division is the largest, wherein the Lieutenants work on preparing for events and encounters, help new members on learning the game, and on our overall tactics.
  • The Space Division is the smallest, as it anticipates future updates from Bioware. A few members have taken great interest in the space game and will take a key position in ensuring the squad is ready if and when space is given more features.
  • The Ordnance Division is geared towards our supply chain and crafting. While everyone is able to contribute to our supply, it is the task of officers within Ordnance to help “connect the dots” and make sure we have a way to distribute raw materials and finished goods to each other, while keeping an eye on increasing our overall profits to fund our efforts. We’re looking forward to the Guild Bank feature to help this effort.


One aspect that struck me when learning about your guild was the attention to organization. How does this organizational skill translate in the formation of Squad structure and Squad Leadership?

The organization provides the squad with a strong framework; a stability that allows everyone to explore the game in the way they prefer, with the confidence that the guild remains on an even keel and accepting of their style. While we are organized along the divisional lines with a clear command structure, we do not hammer members over the head with regulations and protocols. The structure helps us normalize against the disparate pace of the members.



Your guild is also big into hosting events. What are some of your typical weekly events and what are some of the special events that the guild has done or is planning?

The guild hosts upwards of three operations per week in which we invite along our ally guilds and assist them in return with their events. Since starting our operations several weeks ago, we have not missed a week yet, and we continue to improve on our results.

We have also started our weekly “World Boss Beatdown” events. These events are first filled with our guild members, but we extend the invite out to anyone within earshot who might want to partake. This has helped us find new friends who have come on as members.

Another weekly event is our “Empire Day” where we switch over to our sister guild “Sinister V” and work on the stories and classes there. Shhh…don’t tell the Republic leaders!

And finally, we have an exciting new “Speeder Race” event which we’re in the early stages of planning. Soon enough, we’ll reveal the details, put it into practice, and invite the server to join us.


Your guild, like most guilds, has goals. What are the goals and guidelines for reaching these goals in V Squad?

Our primary goal is to continue to cultivate a drama-free, social environment to allow members to play the game as they please without pressure.

Some of our members are very much “solo” players who appreciate the feeling of being part of a guild, but don’t feel the pressure of being at events. This is encouraged and we welcome others who want freedom of singularity with the stability of a guild.

However, many of our members prefer the social aspect; the dynamics of teamwork, the thrill of achieving what cannot be done solo. To that end, we set our sights on the group-level challenges within SWTOR. We continue to work at the operations and flashpoints and enjoy finding new ways to improve upon our prior successes.

For example, I’m happy to announce that we recently had a perfect run in the Eternity Vault, with not even a single character death. It took approximately 1 hour all told. Only moments after the operation ended, we had an iconic squad moment of levity when someone asked over our Vent: “I guess no one thought to FRAPS that, eh?”

Our goal is clear now: Do it again, but this time… record it!


How does this guild approach story and content in SWTOR? Why do you think this is important for V Squad?

We take the content seriously and immerse ourselves in what it offers. It’s important to us that other group members involve themselves – as they please – in the drama of the story. While we are not an RP guild, many of us have backgrounds in role playing games and enjoy experiencing the stories unfold for our characters and companions. There is something very satisfying about adventuring with your mates over the course of dozens of levels and watching how they evolve, all the while becoming more cohesive as a guild. The story of SWTOR enables that.


Another area your guild focuses on is helping others. Can you explain how the guild works to achieve this? Does this help just apply to fellow guildmates?

By stressing a drama-free, non-hostile environment, members feel free to request help or offer services. There is no selfishness permitted, and there are no “noob” questions. The MMO experience of our members ranges from “battle worn” MMO veterans to those who have only been playing MMOs for a number of days. Each and all have questions and answers for each other, and a helping hand to lend whenever it’s required.

Through our “Database”, we are adding content to help each other out. Some of the topics are quite elementary, while others are more advanced. The Database is not meant to catalog SWTOR (since there are other sites that do that), but it’s meant to provide a help system for the squad members reference. It’s ever a work in progress, but we started boosting content there by focusing on a different class each month.

Through our alliances with other guilds, we are able to give and receive help beyond our own. To facilitate this, we have an in-game chat channel where we can request or offer help. Usually this comes in the form of filling in roles for operations or flashpoints. The alliances make all participating guilds stronger, and provide a more social server environment.


V Squad has a system of rewards for fellow members. How does this work and what are the various types of awards? What does it take to earn one of these guild awards?

The rewards are distributed via our website and are a light-hearted means to appreciate the contributions of our members. Rewards are given for site involvement: such as adding a player bio, creating a character in the squad roster, or contributing to our database. New rewards are created quite often, especially as we expand our roster and activities.


What is your current level, and class/advanced class of your main character? Do you already have alts or are you waiting for Patch 1.2 and the arrival of the Legacy System?

My main is a level 50 Gunnery Commando. I am quite resistant to the wide-spread alt-itis, though I do have my fair share of low level alts sitting in my select screen waiting for nothing in particular but just to serve as an occasional change of pace from my main.


Even though this is more of a casual paced guild, what is the guild’s approach to end-game content?

The squad has taken a healthy approach to the end-game content. We’ve fed the hunger for content by hosting frequent operations and coordinating hard-mode flashpoints. There is no elitism or any “hardcore” approach to these challenges. If we’re facing a hurdle we cannot overcome, we will not grind ourselves into the ground, but rather return to the drawing board and revisit the challenge next week. More often than not, this allows us to advance further. The key has been to pace ourselves while steadily improving and testing ourselves along the way.


Is V Squad currently recruiting? If so what classes and advance classes do you need?

We’ve recently started our first major recruitment initiative since the launch of the game. Good candidates do not need to be a specific class. (That being said, the squad is always in the market for tanks to allow us to field additional groups or ops teams.) But I cannot stress enough that any good recruit would be welcome regardless of their role.

Such a recruit would be anyone who expects a friendly environment where elitism is checked at the door. By helping each other and working together, we have achieved something that we’re happy to showcase and invite others into.


How can potential recruits or guilds looking to joining up for events best get in touch with V Squad?

Potential recruits can contact the guild via our website or by sending an in-game whisper to any of the members. The list of character names can be found under the guild roster section of our website.


Thanks to all of the members of V Squad for sharing their guild with us. I want to give a huge shout-out to their guild leader, Vincer for helping with the interview and getting the info for the article.

If you would like the get your guild highlighted here at Corellian Run Radio, drop me an email at jason@corellianrun.com. See you all next week on Guild Checkpoint!

  5 Responses to “Guild Checkpoint”

  1. A big thanks to Corellian Run and Jason for featuring our guild. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and are honored to be recognized on your site.


  2. Thanks so much for featuring us! Go V Squad! 😀

  3. Phy (Mwari) from V Squad here. Just thought I would post here to say how much I enjoy reading about our guild online, and that I appreciate us getting the opportunity to be a part of the Guild Checkpoint here on Corellian Run!

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

    If anyone is interested in V Squad don’t hesitate to ask any questions on the website or in game on the Sith Wyrm Server!


  4. V Squad is the BEST!!!

  5. @Vincer /salute You all have a great guild and I glad to have got the opportunity to learn and showcase your guild!

    @vaygirl You are welcome. My pleasure to highlight your guild and all the other great guilds!

    @Phy(Mwari) Thanks for the opportunity goes to your GM for submitting your guild! I agree with PHy, if anyone is interested about V Squad, contact them 🙂

    @Aden Glad you are proud of your guild. You all have a great group of folks!

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